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Mar 11, 2008 07:06 AM

Seattle--vegetarian coffee sushi recs?

hi need recs for following:


i love bakeries and heard of the scandinavian one. any other bakery recs--i'm into older ethnic bakeries--please let me know.

please no vietnamese, thai, indian, mexican, french recs.


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  1. For bakeries/pastries my vote hands down is for Cafe Besalu in Ballard. Only open until 3pm, but well worth getting there in the morning for fresh pain au chocolate, shortbread, palmiers, etc. Good lattes too, and always friendly service. Not too many tables, so seats aren't always readily available.
    For vegetarian, I love Cafe Flora (Madison Park). Great choices on the menu, always good, plus alot of gluten-free options (even desserts!) if that's an issue for anyone. Nice atmosphere too, easy to go and have a relaxing lunch.

    1. I love le fournil - they have awesome french pasteries and their lunch special (sandwich or quiche, pastery and drink for like $7) is a great deal. Their sandwiches run from brie to tuna sald with herbs to pate. YUM.

      For sushi, I love Maneki (ID) and Aoki (Broadway).

      Ditto on Cafe Flora for vegetarian.

      1. I'm at Victrola on Capitol Hill right now. Michael Jackson on the speakers. Great lighting. Packed. Spacious - there isn't anyone within 15 feet of me, yet its packed. Huge bay windows everywhere. Some great coffee. And I just had one of the best vegetarian wraps here I've ever consumed: Domovoi Thai Vegie Peanut Wrapp: $6.50.

        This might be a spot to check out.

        1. For vegetarian Cafe Flora (we had our family dinner there the day before our wedding, instead of a rehearsal dinner and we were the only veg(etari)ans in the group), PattyPan Grill (they catered our wedding) or Carmelitas. For dessert Flying Apron (at least as it was in 2004) (they made our wedding cake which is pictured on their website under special orders).