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Mar 11, 2008 07:06 AM

Southport, Oak Island NC

Finally making it back to beach since the fall. Am familiar with the usual, anything new happening over the winter? How is Bella Cucina? Anyone been to Live Oak or Pharmacy lately? Fishy Fishy? Anyone have any memorable meals out lately? Any seafood shops have local oysters? How is shrimp running? Thanks!

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  1. I actually grew up in the area and frequently visit my folks who live at Caswell Beach. I can't go down there without going to Thai By The Sea (Yaupon Beach) and Turtle Island (Long Beach)...those are my number 1 and 2 restaurants followed closely by Provision Co (Southport).

    They are all so different, but the Thai at TBTS is outstanding, the seafood at Turtle Island is fantastic (albeit a bit more $ than your typical Calabash-style seafood) and Provision Co has THE best burgers in the area if you can get a seat.

    I'm heading down for the first time since January this weekend. Enjoy your trip!

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      I also love Thai By The Sea (we tried it on our first visit to Oak Island, and I've been thinking about it ever since). We are going back for vacation in 2 weeks. Can't wait! So is Turtle Island NOT Calabash? We are definitely looking for restaurants that serve good seafood, have a nice wine list, and especially ones where most of the entrees are not fried.

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        We were recently there, and have a few more restaurants to comment on.

        Fishy Fishy at the marina is under new ownership. We enjoyed a lunch and a dinner there. One of the better wine lists in town, but that is not saying much. Only a few fried items on menu. Food was good, service greatly improved, and still the best outside seating in town.

        Chagalls (where Bogarts used to be) was mixed. Good wine list, better than Fishy Fishy. Generous portions, enjoyed most of what we had. There is a new wine store in town on 211 called Grape and Ale, in the new center Dutchman Village (?) across from Hampton Inn that has a deal if you purchase wine there and bring it to Chagall on Wed and Thur (with receipt) or Turtle Island on a couple other days, the corkage fee is waved. Check on days, not positive.

        NEW RESTAURANT!! Dead End Saloon in south Harbor village. Outdoor seating, menu with something for everyone. Burgers, pasta, seafood, some fried stuff, steaks, chicken, etc. It used to house Fish Factory, the relocated Table One, and had been empty for about 2 yrs. They were only open for two weeks when we were in for lunch. Not sure about wine list, wouldn't expect much for wine there.