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Authentic Irish Soda Bread

Where would you go to buy the best authentic Irish soda bread in Boston, and I mean authentic no raisins or fruit

Thanks In advance

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  1. FInd a recipe on line and make it. Virtually all commercial loaves have raisins or currants (better).

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      Marion Cunningham's recipe in "Baking with Julia" is my standard. Nothing but flour, salt, baking soda, and buttermilk. It's fast, easy, authentic, and DELICIOUS.

    2. I am pretty sure Greenhills Irish Bakery on Adams Street in Dorchester does it this way.

      1. To eat as part of a meal, or just a loaf? Matt Murphy's in Brookline has the best soda bread I've ever had, but it's a pub so I don't think you could just buy a loaf.

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          I agree, that bread is amazing. It's whole grain though isn't it? Anyone know how it is made?? Whole wheat flour? Rye? Oats? It's been too long since I have had it.
          I would love to know how it's made. And do they bake it there?

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            Wholemeal flour and there are several grades, as well as brown bread mix. Kiki's in Brighton, Farmer's Bounty in Davis... Kiki's also sells potato and soda farls.


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              Thanks so much! I am excited to try it! Gotta make a trip to Kiki's.

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                I usually buy the coarse wholemeal, but the grayish brown bread at Matt Murphy's uses the regular (I sometimes mix it with a soft wheat flour too, but think they do minimally). I have had a darker bread at MM's too, but can't remember it (there is a bread along these lines at Kiki's).

                BTW, I think MM servers Dairy Gold Unsalted butter, or at least they did and its pretty hard to find (for most things I prefer salted Irish butter). I incidentally saw it at Market Basket in Somerville a couple of days ago and was pretty surprised (as well as President french butter), but there wasn't much of it.

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              The recipe for Matt Murphy's brown bread was posted on their website when I looked there a month or so ago.

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                Thank you! WIll definitely check that out.

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                  I see the recipe printed in the Food Section of today's Globe too!

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                    Fantastic! I just saved it to my computer. Thanks! Can't wait to try it.

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              I work for a catering company in Brookline and have begged for their brown bread loaves on occasion and they were very accommodating. I think they charged me $5 a round for the brown bread. Be sure to call before to set it all up and bring cash.

            4. Keltic Crust Bakery in West Newton has soda bread but i don't know if it has raisins. You could call them. Also, I noticed that Russo's in Watertown is advertising Irish Soda Bread. Again, not sure what is in it.

              1. Thanks to all who have posted will try those out, Regards Dave

                1. Breads n Bits of Ireland in Melrose has a wonderful Irish brown bread every day, for many many years....

                      1. Greenhills sells various types of "Irish" bread. Ask for the traditional one made with only flour, salt, baking soda, and buttermilk.
                        Better yet, make you own. You can find recipes at http://www.sodabread.us

                        Happy St. Patrick's Day!