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Mar 11, 2008 06:24 AM

quick advice for ocean city

Leaving shortly to drive up to ocean city from washington dc. don't know OC at all. I'm from Philly and moved to DC a few years ago. Help me find a place that maybe is along the ocean. inexpensive. doesn't have to be fancy. Just good. I'm by myself. Sad occasion and want to see the ocean so comfort food might be good but anything as long as it's Chowish. Thanks.

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    1. Don't know what "chowish" means but I've heard of a nice restaurant in Rehoboth, but I can't remember the name now.

      For me, a trip to Ocean City means casual, simple dining. Usually involving lots of fried and fatty foods I would never eat at home. Here's a rundown:

      Thrasher's Fries - on the boardwalk. It's an institution.
      Higgin's Crab House - steamed crabs and the usual accompaniments.
      General's Kitchen - cheap, greasy breakfast. The way God intended.
      Dumser's Dairyland - old style soda jerk place with burgers, fries and milkshakes.
      Bull On The Beach - roast beef sandwiches, beer, not much else.
      65th Street Subs - don't know the real name but it's an oceanside walkup with the Grateful Dead bears as the logo. Greasy subs and fries.
      English's - 145th St. Don't know if it's still there but the fried chicken was tasty.

      I'm sure there's more places but the ones I do avoid at all costs are the big buffet joints like Hall's. The food there is utter crap and it's literally like eating from a trough. I'd rather eat a year's worth of chicken wings at Big Pecker's.

      Since you're on your own, another place that might be worth checking out is Seacrets. They have the usual crappy bar food with a Jamaican theme, but get there late enough and the ladies come out to play. Could be a good dessert spot - depending on you.

      1. OC is a culinary wasteland except for Thrasher's fries and Satellite's for breakfast. They recently added dinner as well but I haven't been. It's on Coastal Highway, bayside, around 35th St or so. There's a place called Grove Market in nearby Bishopville which is supposed to be great. The OC info is on the Mid-Atlantic board, BTW.