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Mar 27, 2002 06:55 PM

BBQ Westside, the heck with Cecil & Benny

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Try 4 J's BBQ on Lincoln across the street from Samrt & Final, great Carolina Pulled Pork, Increadable Smoked Wings, and some darn good ribs and brisket. No Decor! Just Good BBQ

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  1. Sweet. I passed it the other day on the way to work and was wondering if it was any good. I'll put it on my hitlist of places to try.

    1. If you don't mind a drive, just had WONDERFUL pulled pork sandwich at Phil's at Goldfinch and Washington in Mission Hills district of San Diego.

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        I totally disagree about Phil's. The pork is parbaked(boiled?) and then briefly GRILLED on a stovetop pitwork here. I watched them for 30 minutes while waiting for that horrible sandwich. The "bbq" sauce was like an extremely sweet french salad dressing. It's one of those weird tastes you can't get out of your mouth for hours.