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Mar 11, 2008 04:01 AM

Atlanta - Hip Trendy Restaurant

I am in Atlanta all week this week for work. A friend is driving to Atlanta to stay with me for the night tomorrow so we can go shopping and go out to eat. We are both women in our early 30s. We are staying in a hotel downtown, but we will be shopping in Buckhead. After shopping, we'd like to go somewhere to eat that has good food, great cocktails but an even better scene. I've eaten at Blue Pointe before and liked it - that is similar to the type of restaurant we are looking for but I want to try something new. I understand that the Midtown area may have what we are looking for - hip, trendy, good music, the kind-of a restaurant that turns into a lounge late at night. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I was really impressed by Two Urban Licks.

    1. I agree with BlueHerons on Two Urban Licks. The food is pretty good, but the whole scene is fun. One Midtown Kitchen is about the same. Taurus is another good alternative.

      My recommendation - Two Urban Licks.

        1. One Midtown Kitchen
          The Globe
          I agree with all those choices

          Cuerno and Top Floor other good options

          1. I would suggest midtown as well.
            Dinner at Ecco, Two Urban, maybe even Enoteca Carbonari.

            Then, for your music and drinks try Bazzaar or Halo, both very close (down the street from Enoteca and Ecco).



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