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Mar 11, 2008 12:23 AM

Giglio D'oro, etc. in Orvieto

From previous boards, I can see that Giglio D'oro near the duomo is excellent in Orvieto.

I have also see that Trattoria Etrusca is good. I am, incidently, going to Orivieto this weekend and wanted to try one of those places (or another one). I REALLY want to try Giglio D'oro because every time I try your recommendations (especially Maureen's) I am so impressed, but we have to be conscious of cost (unfortunately). To keep costs down, my partner and I usually share an antipasto, skip dolci and get a decent bottle of wine but not too expensive.

Are these moderately priced restaurants? If not, any more ideas for the center of Orvieto?

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  1. I'm not up on current prices, but when you get there you can probably look at the menu outside and see. Trattoria Etrusca ought to be less than Giglio but the name is deceptive. It's really a restaurant. Really a trattoria is La Palomba (or something like that) near the town hall. Also very good and mid-level is La Pergola.

    1. We had a very good lunch at Trattoria dell Orso last year. On a small street off the main square. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

      1. I was in Orvieto last weekend and had lunch at Trattoria La Grotta di Tittocchia Franco at Via Luca Signorelli, 5. My friend and I shared a bottle of Orvieto, ravioli with black truffles and pappardelle with boar sauce. With water and bread, the bill came to 37 euros. (I was very upset to find that the restaurant didn't charge the usual 1-2 euros for bread, but instead FIVE euros!)

        1. The last time I was in Orvieto a shopkeeper directed me to Trattoria del Moro, Via S. Leonardo 7. It wasn't far from the duomo on a side street. The food and the locale were simple, but very good. What I remember most is that they did not have a house red in carafe, just bottles, so I had a 1/2 bottle of the red and it was lovely! Nothing special,but, as so often, perfect with the local cuisine.