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Visiting Cerritos next week, need recommendations

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Visiting my brother next week and looking for good places to eat. Open to any cuisine, budget, open to price range from $5 - $100 pp, just want good food. Doesn't have to be high-end... hole-in-the-walls equally appreciated. Just want to have and to experience good food. Prefer within 30 mins drive of Cerritos. 2 lunch dates and 2 dinners to fill. Thanks guys.

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  1. honestly cerritos is pretty much a chain/franchise-only place.. it's also like another ktown (after garden grove and LA of course) sagan in buena park has decent bbq as well as korean-style sashimi. a couple other places that has generally good food are jang soo jang (cerritos- south and bloomfield sts.) and aria (buena park). gil mok or "the corner place" is on gridley and kitty corner from the cerritos mall... the thing to get here is the cold white noodle... VIP (pioneer blvd betw. artesia and south) has semikorean-influenced chinese.. get some variation of jja jjang mien. go to india restaurant on pioneer, the original fish co. in los alamitos, katella deli for kosher in los al as well, aroma ristorante in la palma for the best italian in the area (which isn't saying much hehe), cafe hiro in cypress for fusion (have not tried this place yet but have heard pretty good reviews)... and u could always drive around norwalk or hawaiian gardens. for mexican. best thing to do: drive to LA!! hehe :)

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      Katella Deli is NOT kosher. It's Jewish-style deli.

      Right next to Cerritos is Artesia -- on Pioneer are several blocks of really awesome Indian food, including Tirupathi Bhimas and Kabob Korner, both of which have been reviewed recently on Chowhound, as well as Jay Bharat, Rajdhani, Woodlands...

      There's a Ten Ten Seafood (Cantonese, they serve dim sum) in Cerritos; I've only been to the Anaheim branch, where the service is shockingly rude, but Cerritos may be better.

      There are several branches of El Taco Nazo and SeƱor Baja near Cerritos if you want the very best fish and shrimp tacos in LA. La Huasteca is in Lynwood, not too far from Cerritos, for "alta cocina" type Mexican place in a fairly non-stuck-up environment, or La Casita Mexicana in Bell which is similar. In Downey is the Dal Rae, for your throwback-to-the-30s food (honestly, steak Diane? Lobster Thermidor?)

      In Stanton, not very far from Cerritos at all, you have Park Avenue, with its steaks-and-chops menu and its very cool Googie bar, and Thai Nakorn, which might be the best Thai restaurant in Southern California if you believe the reviews on this board.

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        haha.. oopsy.. my brain doesn't function too well in the morning.. i meant jewish deli.

    2. also cafe hiro for fusion japanese (try the osso buco) and the hottest asian clientele around.

      1. No need to concern about high end places in Cerritos. There aren't any. In addition to the above recs, try El Rocoto, a very good Peruvian restaurant.

        1. Appreciate the input guys. I did realize that Cerritos isn't necessarily high-end but was hoping there might be a good place 20-30 mins away.

          Any rec dishes for El Recoto?

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            Although Cerritos is an area in which many can afford to spend more $$, they tend to go outside of the area for upper end food. But there are some good little places than many do frequent as Das mentioned. I grew up in Cerritos and now live in Long Beach. Long Beach is just a hop, skip and a jump away and we have many options here. Pine Ave. (Downtown Long Beach) and 2nd Street and Naples area have many places that you can choose from including Tract's, 555, Open Sesame, Michaels, Frenchy's, Cafe Gazelle, Magic Lamp...oh the list goes on. For some great sushi, you can go to Restaurant Koi in Seal Beach, also close by. Enjoy and let us know what you chose.

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              re El Rocoto, I've only been there once so far, had the Saltado de Pollo, it was nice, sorry don't rememeber details enough, just recall it was good. The dishes that come with pasta didn't look too good to me. But lots of other dishes coming out of the kitchen all looked really good.

            2. Sushi sounds great. Any good yakitori places?

              Will definitely check out El rocoto and Sagan. Thanks again!

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                On Pioneer Artesia- ish in the same mall and across from Del Taco is Magic Wok, a cook to order ( not turoturo) Filipino restaurant. IMHO the best Filipino restaurant in greater Los Angeles... crispy skin pork leg, bitter melon with beef, pancit, milkfish, porkchops, oxtails... almost all the usual suspects, prepared with skill and care. It is in the same league as the old Barrio Fiestas but less expensive.

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                  no good sushi in OC... go to LA/studiocity.

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                    Restaurant Koi in Seal Beach, excellent, fresh sushi. Often they have fish that you won't find in most run of the mill sushi places, but then I don't consider them run of the mill.

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                      Bollocks. There's plenty of good sushi in OC (not that Cerritos is in OC). Clearly your eyes have just slid by the five freakin' threads in the last two weeks alone about places like Shibucho and Maki-Zushi. And I know I'm going to incur wrath by saying this, but there's no sushi restaurant in Studio City that I would consider worth the two-hour slog from Cerritos at rush hour.

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                        DU...namstermonster has stated over and over again that he thinks there is no good sushi in our area, but I concur with you and have found some gems myself. I do want to get out to Costa Mesa and Tustin to try many that have been mentioned on this board. One more that has only been mentioned a bit is Hashigo in Huntington Beach. It is a newer place that has only been open for less than a year. I've been 2x now and it was 2 days in a row. They have items that are not on the menu, so always ask. Very fresh and creative as well. I just sat back and let them play, and boy did we all have fun!

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                      Yes; there is a branch of Shinsengumi in Torrance (near the 110) and a branch in Fountain Valley (off the 405, at Brookhurst and Ellis). They have very, very good yakitori. The one in Torrance is a madhouse at around 7 PM when all the people at Toyota and Honda get off work and go have beer or sake.

                      The Shinsengumi in Torrance has a chanko-nabe restaurant (it's a tatami room, so wear decent socks) next door and you can call ahead to reserve your nabe; the Shinsengumi in Fountain Valley has a Hakata-style ramen-ya next door.

                    3. Also, not sure if it's already been mentioned above, but some other places I have on my list based on prior posts on this board are (some might be old info by now):
                      Echizen Japanese restaurant in Cypress
                      Gamagol (Korean), Cerritos
                      Salo Salo Grill (Filipino chain), Artesia
                      Corner Place (Korean, mentioned already), Cerritos
                      Also, I love The Original Pancake House, there's one in Anaheim. The only thing I've had there that I REALLY did not like are the potato pancakes. They tasted like raw meat, like they've been kept in the fridge next to some raw meat. It was awful. Too bad since I really like latkes.

                      1. Thanks for recs guys. Looks like peruvian, korean, japanese, and maybe filipino or chinese. Thanks again, appreciate the input, and if you have any more, keep them coming! :)