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Mar 10, 2008 11:05 PM

Alternative ways to prepare Corned Beef

The title speaks for itself. I have corned beef, and was wondering how I can prepare it besides just boiling it. Is braising a good idea using beer perhaps? I'd like to have some fun experimenting a bit with this years St. Pat's meal. TIA.

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  1. If you have a back yard smoker, you can smoke the corned beef and turn it into pastrami.

    1. While attending the The Restaurant Show @ Jacob Javits Convention Center, At the Alto Shaam booth which is a slow cook and hold type oven maker, they prepared a 15 pound brined brisket in the oven, slow cooked for 12 plus hours @ 225*......and it was excellent,

      I have tried on occasion to duplicate this method with mixed results. They cooked the meat uncovered, but I find I always received better results with the meat wrapped tightly in foil.

      1. My mother always made it by boiling and when it was cooked, mix some dijon mustard and brown sugar together and slather it over the meat. Wrap in foil, put on a baking sheet, and bake in the oven for about an hour. I did it myself recently for the first time and it came out really good.

        1. For the past several years. I have been making BBQ Corned Beef and Cole Slaw, a spin on the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage. Typically, I soak the corned beef overnight and then boil it the following day. I then place it in double sheets of aluminum, coat liberally with BBQ sauce foil and bake/braise the corned beef in a very slow oven(300). The meat is tender and succulent, flavored with the sauce and goes wonderfully with the cole slaw. I always change the sauce. This year I am making a smoked maple porter BBQ sauce.

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            Valerie, Thaichile, you boil and bake the corned beef? If so, how long do you boil it? Your recipes sound interesting with much more flavor than just BBQ brisket. Thanks. I will try your method this summer.

            1. re: speyerer

              I guess my (or my mom's) method is similar to thaichile's. I buy a corned beef that comes in the brine in a vacuum pack, so I don't need to soak it at all. I will ask my mother for more specific times and temperatures. It sounds good with the bbq sauce too.

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                Ok, you boil for about an hour and then wrap and bake at 375 for another hour. This is for a corned beef that is about 3 lbs.

              2. re: speyerer

                I soak to remove any excess salt and boil until it is somewhat tender, somewhere between hard and falling apart. I just keep piercing it until it feels right. Then braise it in the oven in the BBQ sauce until completely tender.