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Mar 10, 2008 11:03 PM

Kosher grocery stores on the way to KoP?

This may be a bit of a stretch, but...

Are there any kosher grocery stores or grocery stores with extensive kosher sections anywhere between the Ogdensburg border crossing and King of Prussia or Bristol, PA?

We're headed down that way (if you can call an 8 hour drive "down that way") and, since we don't have ready access to kosher products, were hoping to be able to stock up.

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  1. What highways are you using in the NY/NJ area?80? NJ turnpike?If so,you can stop in Teaneck at any number of

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      I'm assuming that you mean the crossing between Ogdensburg NY and Canada. Google Maps puts the route from there to King of Prussia as running straight through Scranton, which ought to have kosher stuff; Google gives something called the 'Yeshiva Co-op' among other places. You pass through Binghamton as well, which has a small kosher-keeping community. I know that in Binghamton, one has to place kosher meat orders on Tuesday or Wednesday for pickup on Thursday or Friday, so I'm assuming there's no regular kosher store, although there's a fabulous kosher baker, Mrs. Szolty (sp?). An hour north of Ogdensburg is Ottawa, which has a Jewish community and ought to have kosher stores. Half an hour south of King of Prussia is Philadelphia, which has kosher stores and restaurants in the outer suburbs. I know little about the small communities in Allentown and Syracuse, but both are on your way as well.

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        Re: Allentown- I'd probably call a congregation rabbi for more info (perhaps Sons of Israel) for Syracuse- call the rabbi at Young Israel of Syracuse.

        In Binghamton, the Chabad gets meat shipped- perhaps contact them or Beth David synagogue might have more info. There was meat available at Wegman's.

        Do you have a Trader Joe's anywhere in the vicinity?

        Are you willing to purchase a large amount - if so, Kosher Depot (online) might be of assistance

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          We're in Ottawa. We don't have kosher stores persay- we have a kosher bakery and a kosher aisle in the regular Loblaws.

          We're basically hoping for somewhere with a lot of good selection. Our aisle isn't great for that, and most stuff for us foodies has to be shipped in (if it's available in canada at all)

          Thanks though!

      2. The Wegmans in the Jewish suburb area of Syracuse, NY may have a good selection. Though Scranton could be the best bet; I just don't know where people shop there. There is a large Yeshiva there though.

        1. There is no kosher store in Syracuse or anywhere on your route that I know of. Wegman's in Dewitt has the best selection. You can check with Syracuse Chabad website, but I don't think there are any kosher bakeries left in Syracuse. Toward PA, I don't think there are any kosher supermarkets in Philly, Guennardi's has a kosher section. But check the shamash board to make sure. And if you have time, stop at Max and David's in Elkins Park (just north of Philly).

          1. If you are going down to KofP or Bristol, go a little further (20 min) to the Main Line. There is a large Orthodox and Conservative Jewish community and you should have no problem finding the supplies that you need. There is a Chabad there - I believe it's Bala Cynwyd - and they can hook you up with your needs. Or any of the local synagogues... I grew up at Beth Hillel-Beth El in Wynnewood (Conservative) or you can call Young Israel (not sure which town), or Adath Israel (Merion or Bala Cynwyd)... Good luck.

            1. Here is a link to seveal places in Philadelphia:

              I HIGHLY recomend New York bagels...YUMMY!

              A few doors up the road from Yitzi Peking is an Acme (food store) with an extensive Kosher Deli (yummy fried chicken and SUSHI made fresh on site) and many packaged goods.

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                Opps forgot to add in that NY Bagels is about 10 miles form KoP mall and less than a 30 minute (realatively easy) drive. Yes it is in Philadelphia, but it is pretty close to KoP. The otrher places are maybe the same distance too.