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Mar 10, 2008 10:19 PM

I Have Theater in Westwood / Where do We Eat?

I have not eaten in Westwood since Monty's closed 8 years ago. So now we are posed with the idea of having dinner there this Saturday night before theater. OK guys, I need some help here!

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  1. Palomino is pretty a nice place to a get dinner. Good ambiance and pretty comfortable. The food is pretty good, they have a solid bread pudding for dessert. Napa Valley Grill across the street is overpriced and pretentious but if your into that its there too.

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      I agree with you about Napa Valley Grill. I'd add Sprazzo, nice Italian on Westwood Blvd, 2117 and Orris on Sawtelle or Wine House on Cotner.

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        Palomino is quite horrible. Skip the very mediocre Napa Valley Grille also and head over to the Gardens on Glendon (across the street from NVG) - they make the best tableside guacamole.

        The NY pizza at Lamonica's (on Gayley) is quite good and has withstood the test of time (and countless UCLA grads). Acroos the street from Whole Foods Market (on Gayley) is Thai House, with excellent curries.

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          Agree about Lamonicas pizza (I love it) but the ambience there may not comport with the op's concept of pre theater dining, ie, it's all counter service and a coupla cheesy tables.

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            Disagree completely with J.L. re Palomino (funny, my initials are JL also!). Sure you wouldn't go there for refined cuisine, but for what it is, I think it's fine. It's an attractive, modern and casual restaurant with generally very good service and rather tasty food. The pizzas in the bar are quite good, and the fish and beef entrees in the dining room are well prepared and satisfying. I think it's perfect before or after the theater. It certainly is in a league with what Monte's was!

            1. re: josephnl

              I guess I'm diametrically opposed to my "evil twin" JL (evil smirk) regarding the Palomino matter....

              Palomino can't even execute casual food properly. Lord knows, I've given them 4 or 5 chances to change my opinion of the place in the past.

              1. re: J.L.

                At least we do agree on Lamonica's pizza. Although I haven't eaten there in a century, when I was at UCLA many years ago, it was pretty good.

        2. Bulgarian?
          Danube Bulgarian Restaurant
          1303 Westwood Blvd., Westwood, (310) 473-2414
          I think it's BYOB, and no corkage, but call to verify

          1. Food in Westwood is mostly either good but low-rent, or fancy but underwhelming. Where you want to go depends on what you're looking for... good food or a nice "pre-theater" experience. Palomino, Napa Grille, that restaurant in the W hotel... all will supply the fancy/overpriced/underwhelming food experience. Any of the italian places on Westwood Blvd are safe in-between choices... pleasant dining experiences with okeedokee food. Further afield.... Nook. 10 min away by car on Santa Monica Blvd.

            1. If you'd like ethnic, you could check out Shamshiri, as well as Sunnin Lebanese Cafe.

              Would you be willing to eat in Brentwood on San Vicente, say at Palmeri or Pecorino?

              Napa Valley Grille and Gardens on Glendon are all right, nothing outstanding, options. Palomino IMO is best for happy hour.

              Where are you coming in from, as there might be somewhere better along the way in?

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                I would go Persian. Go with Shamshiri or Flame and you'll be happy.