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Mar 10, 2008 09:40 PM

I love Thai Square and Bangkok 54...

... but I was wondering if any of the other Thai places on Columbia Pike are worth a try.

My girlfriend and I love that both Bangkok 54 and Thai Square will actually give you the authentic version of a dish if you ask for it Thai style. She prefers Bangkok 54 and I'd say that I like both about equally - depending on the occasion. I can't get enough of the honey crispy duck at Thai Square or the Catfish Curry at 54. I won't go into everything I love at each place but I do have to say that the pad thai at bangkok 54 is something I could eat just about every night and the green curry at thai square (ordered thai spicy) has left me with sweat dripping down my brow and both a satisfied palate and stomach.

Down the street:

I have only found mixed reviews of Manee Thai online (majority negative. a few positive). But I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with the place. Most of the reviews say it doesn't have much flavor.

Also, is Rincome Thai any good? Yelp doesn't really think so.

Are there any places I am forgetting?

At some point I'll make it out to Duangrat and Mint in Baily's crossroads, but I'd like to know if any of the other Columbia Pike places measure up.

I will definitely keep going to Bangkok 54 and Thai Square, but would like to expand the options.

I like:
Thai Square

Bangkok 54

I haven't tried:
Manee Thai

Rincome Thai

Dungrat's Thai

Mint (couldn't find websiste)

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  1. I can speak for Manee and Rincome - I've found no reason to return to either with TS and 54 on the same strip. I haven't been to Duangrat's since its heyday and haven't seen any recent raves for it. Its neighbor Rabieng gets better marks, especially their weekend brunch, if that is still the case....

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    1. re: Jamie D

      Rabieng has also gone downhill, and I can second that Manee and Rincome aren't worth a trip given their proximity to BKK54/Thai Square. I know not of Mint, and would be interested to hear any opinions on it...

    2. You found the two best Thai places, why do you want to try 3, 4, 5 ... ? Manee Thai is not worth the trip. I happen to like the duck salad at Rincome but otherwise don't eat there. Mint is an old place with a new name; don' t bother. Dungrat's appeals with ambiance but disappoints with the food. Rainang is better (around the corner) but still not a contender for first place. There are dozens of other places not too far away but stick with Thai Square (#1) and Bangkok 54 (#2). Or go to Bangkok 54 Thai market down the street, buy the ingredients and make it yourself.

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      1. re: Dakota Guy

        Thanks, this is what I figured the responses would be; I just wanted to check. I think I'll stick with the two best.

      2. I don't care for Rincome, but really like Duangrats. I've only been to Mint once and enjoyed what I got but wasn't overwhelmed - my boyfriend, who lives w/in walking distance, likes it a lot.

        1. The Thai Street Food brunch at Rabeing/Duangrat's is definitely worth checking out - though I wouldn't bother with their regular menus.