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Mar 10, 2008 09:37 PM

Homemade Sour Mix

The Sidecar is a classic drink that has made a resurgence and that I absolutely dig! I am trying to recreate this sweet and sour delicacy with a homemade sour mix. I have the juice of 7 juicy, meyer lemons and 2 pink grapefruit in a jar ready to become sour mix...any suggestions? I'm thinking a 3 to 1 mix of the citrus juice (3) to 1 part simple syrup or sugar.


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  1. It really depends on what proportions you tend to like and how strong your simple syrup is. Personally, for sour mix, I use 1 part cirus juice to 1 part 1:1 simple syrup (ie. 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar). For a Sidecar, I find that I do like it a bit more on the sour side, and would use the basic sour mix that I have, and add a bit more lemon juice. I suppose for yours, being as you are adding pink grapefruit, that is a bit less sour and a bit more sweet and bitter. I have nothing to back this up with, but I feel like something along the lines of 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part grapefruit juice, 1 part 1:1 simple syrup might work nicely.

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      Thanks a lot! I tried both and and each had it's merits. The simple syrup I used was a 1:1 (water and sugar) ratio. My 3:1 ratio of citrus juice to simple syrup was more sour, but I loved it! The 1:1 was a little sweet for my taste.

    2. I usually do a two part juice to one part simple syrup (when the syrup is how you made it 1:1). I do prefer my s-n-s more on the tart side especially when in a cocktail. This method has worked quite well in the bars I have worked at, we typically use Naked's fresh lemon juice - which happens to be very sour for the most part. Fresh squeezed meyer lemons and grapefruits could be sweeter, so you will probably have to adjust per taste. Cheers!!

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        Thanks for the advice. I am looking forward to a tasty sweet and sour journey through Sidecar land...

      2. has any one heard of using egg whites for there sour mix? I used to know a guy who swore by it!