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Mar 10, 2008 09:29 PM

no reservations tv show best one yet

i love this show ! tonight Tony Bourdaine line cooking was so good i watched it twice!
good job!

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  1. definitely one of the best travel shows of all time. tony back at his old haunt "les halles" in nyc was an awesome look into life on the line. he didn't do too bad either, but it was a slow night (only 350 covers). if you're in nyc don't be fooled. there are 2 "les halles", tony's is is uptown near 45th, not downtown near wall st. tony bourdain rocks!

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    1. re: LocalFreshOrganic

      Local: You are correct in that there are 2 Les Halles in NYC, but the one AB was at is located on Park Ave in the mid 20s.

    2. I also think that it was a great show! I have seen how a high volume kitchen works (other than open kitchens like Jean George and Degustation where everyone was so calm) and it was eye opening. It is amazing how they create all these codes and methods to take care of each customer's request!

      1. Yeah, it was a good one. I loved the classical music playing in the background as they featured Ripert being his cool, calm and collected self at Le Bernardin.

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        1. re: Miss Needle

          I'm watching it for the second time too! Loved it and thought Anthony was pretty of my favorites ever

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            I don't think Ripert even broke a sweat! I'm rarely disappointed by these shows, but this was a partiularly good one.

          2. I loved every bit of the show. Very true in my experinece- I hope lots of people watch it and have a small understanding of how hard we work and how we age out of our jobs with no real next option.....we can't all have travel shows.

            1. I loved the opening sequence where he addresses (mocks?) food bloggers who think he really can't cook. Fellow 'hounds, we just had a cameo appearance in this episode . . .