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Mar 10, 2008 09:23 PM

Early (7-ish) Din near SF's Kabuki

Thinking about Quince, Vivande.

Or, OTH, was thinking also about going down to either R&G or Shanghai 1930.

Don't see much recent on 3 of those--haven't checked R&G. Have to get off computer and make dinner!

Any other thoughts appreciated--unless really special, Japanese not first choice. Have been to 1300. Friends don't want Ethiopian. Also don't want to wait around to get into SPQR (since better half and I usually dine late, we can kill that bird another time).

Can't recall if Korea House is still open Tuesdays; it's always a good fall-back for us.


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  1. Here are a couple of my pre-Fillmore standby's:
    La Mediterranee
    Neecha Thai

    1. I'm not sure if Maki in J-town is really special but it's very good to excellent for what it is. I walked by this place for year and never thought much of it until a friend took me there.

      The house speciality is the wappa meshi, a unique and homey sort of steamed combo bento and donburi. Only a few places in the U.S. serve it. The soup/noodles are also very good. The miso soup is made, the best I've had in a long, long time, perhaps ever. Even the teri sauce is outstanding.

      Of the things I sampled, everything was very good. It's not cheap and the place is super small. This SF Weekly review is pretty accurate, even 7 years old.

      1. Quince is really hard to get into at short notice. Vivande for pasta is a no-brainer.

        ML8000 also mentioned Maki which is fabulous AND pretty pricey.

        The new Kabuki Kitchen which opened just a few months ago is surprisingly fabulous; I'd recommend the oxtail and save room for a cheese plate.

        And, yes, all the Korean restaurants are open in the neighborhood (there are something like six of the them now), but I prefer Arang which is tucked around the corner of the Subway, across from the Panda Kitchen -- small, but great BiBimBap.

        I would take Jitlada Thai over Neecha and Cassis is also a great suggestion (amazing wine list). I'm not a La Mediterranee fan whatsoever.

        1. Bushi-Tei. Less Japanese, more French IMO

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            Careful on Bushi-Tei; they were amazing their first year (and got a Michelin star for their efforts!) but lost that star and a lot of customers in the progress... not as good as they once were.

            1. re: Carrie 218

              I went there a few months ago for DaT and had a wonderful experience. Just my opinion.