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Any glogg or mulled wine about?

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Albeit much too late in the season to even consider it, this new poster actually forgot to toast the holidays with mulled wine or even glogg. I'm a 4th generation Swedish-American, and I actually regret never having tried glogg before. But there's something about mulled wine...
I've had mulled wine maybe half-dozen times.....and the last time, it was at a cafe on the Bowery in that borough in the middle of the city. But....since we're on the different board, I wondered out loud about where I could find either glogg or mulled wine in the other 4 boroughs. My preference is Brooklyn (I dwell in Sheepshead Bay), Queens 2nd, Bronx 3rd.

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  1. I think the bar on Hoyt (Bond?) between Atlantic and State (Kili) may have it. They are Nordic of some variety and I think I heard they have it (but could be wrong).

    1. I bought a bottle of glogg base (add your own wine and/or vodka) at the Norwegian deli in Bay Ridge a year or so back.

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        And I saw it there a couple of weeks ago.

      2. spuyten duyvil has it. at least they did 1.5 wks ago when I was there.

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          What is spuyten duyvil? Thanks!

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            Beer bar in Williamsburg.

            Spuyten Duyvil
            359 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

        2. You can buy gluhwein (mulled wine) mix online at www.gluhwein.net

          1. I think I saw some advertised at Vin Rouge, 5th Ave at c 18th St in Brooklyn. Also, I remember it smelling something of mulled wine.