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Mar 10, 2008 08:13 PM

Memphis Recs - NOT BBQ, please

Hi all (or "yawl"?:) -- I'm off to Memphis for a week+ from NYC and have a long list of recommended BBQ joints which I can't wait to sample (thanks to CH). That said, I'd also like to come home without a coronary and want to make another list of non-bbq places. For instance, I've read good things about Umai for sushi+ and Felicia Suzanne's for general southern (and already have reservations for L&M in Oxford) -- I'd love suggestions for other good non-bbq restaurants in Memphis or nearby (any price level, any meals, -- doesn't have to be "healthy" but with a side veg that's not deep fried or cooked in yummy bacon would be appreciated:). Thanks in advance -- can't wait visit.

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  1. Well,if Southern means fried chicken,there is a branch of Gus's there.

    One of the best in the South.

    For steaks,you have Folly's.


    1. Try Encore in the Peabody Place. Upscale but won't break the bank.

      1. Since you are going down to Oxford, you need to eat at Taylor Grocery one night. It's not just the food but an experience, though the fried catfish is the best you'll find anywhere. It is the most Southern place on earth. Pick up a bottle of wine or bourbon and head on down. Directions can be found here: in the "Eat" section. In Memphis, you can get great fried catfish at Soul Fish in Cooper-Young. Gus' on S. Front is great for fried chicken. All the places you mentioned are very good. For an upscale place on Beale Street, go to Itta Bena above BB King's. You'll need reservations on weekends.

        1. Umai is great for the entire menu!

          Gus' is delicious -
          Encore is very good-
          Interim is my favorite "upscale" cheeseburger-
          Jarrett's is great too-

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            Thanks very much -- these all look great. (and we're staying at the Peabody so Encore will be very easy:)

          2. Try the Soul Fish Cafe in Cooper's Young. They do modernized Southern diner food in a great casual space. I had a real nice catfish plate and some very memorable pickled green tomatoes.

            Bonus: You'll be right around the corner from Goner Records!

            Soul Fish Cafe
            862 S Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104