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Peeps Cuisine--Any recipes?

Okay, let me start by saying that I am not making this up. For Easter, I plan to make Peepsnini. I'm going to get some decent bread, spread it with peanut butter (Jif), add a couple of Peeps, and cook it on my panini press. Sort of like Fluffernutter performance art.

I did always love Fluffernutters as a kid, but I haven't had one in years. And I've been absolutely transfixed by the Peeps art on the web. And Peeps-jousting (go ahead, google it). So, I've gotten to wondering if anyone's ever made a recipe using Peeps (beyond just eating them fresh or stale). Peeps smores? Peeps fondue?

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  1. I use a Peep as a topper for my hot chocolate - better than the average marshmallow! :)

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      My sister just told me this weekend Jacques Torres has chocolate covered peeps for sale. Does it get much better than that????

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        This is why that man is a multi-millionaire - brilliant! How come I never think of ideas like that?!! ;o)

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          Right?!?!?! I want to know how they get the chocolate on them with out melting them into deformed bunnies and chicks. I've been endlessly facinated by this since she told me!

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            Peeps are surprisingly resiliant when it comes to intially resisting heat, say, from a hot glue gun, whereas a marshmallow will begin to melt immediately (don't ask why I know this...). I think the sugary outside coating on a peep helps it to resist completely melting, at last at first, heat applied to the surface. I think a Peep could handle a little melted chocolate without losing its form, no problem.


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            UPDATE: the chocolate covered Peeps from JT were INSANE. Milk and dark ones!!!

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              Yum! Those must've made your Easter!! :)

      2. We tried this recipe rworange found for me last year. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/38776... It was a hit, though I made some small adjustments as noted here http://www.chowhound.com/topics/38776...

        I, too, have a fascination with the resurgence of Peeps. I was at Sur La Table two weekends ago and noticed a Peeps recipe book that included recipes for all seasons and occasions. http://www.chroniclebooks.com/index/m... Really, really adorable. Some of the recipes included "Peepscicles" and one pudding recipe that made it look like the Peeps were sinking into mud (or, maybe that recipe was for chocolate fondue?). My fav was the recipe for "Peeps Wedding Cake Toppers." The yield of the recipe was listed as: one pair of cake toppers.

        I enjoy them more for the kitsch factor than the taste, though. Can't stand 'em. Never could.


        1. I had no idea this Peeps thing was going on! There's a woman in the group I camp with regularly who for years has been hoarding peeps and bringing them to roast over the campfire. Over time she's pretty much converted everyone to prefering them to standard marshmallows and we've done everything from S'mores to dessert sandwiches in the sandiwich irons with them. Who knew!

          1. Peeps instead of sugar atop your creme brulee. It's a little weird, but it's not half bad, and the yellow peeps just look better for this "preparation." The key is to make the creme custard a little denser than average (or at least denser than my average since I like an almost airy, [American] pudding-ish consistency).

            1. I LOVE Peeps jousting!

              I went to a restaurant once that had a Peeps-tini... can't remember what was in it, but it was sweeter than any "martini" I've ever had. A Peep with a cut in it was balanced on the rim.

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                I think I've just decided on this year's Easter cocktail! Hmmmm, vodka and some sweet liquer, plus that Peeps garnish you've told the group about!

              2. Not a recipe, but a hoot: the Washington Post's Peeps diorama contest:

                1. You are all wonderful! Thanks for these ideas (and for indulging me in my annual Peepsmania). A Peeps cookbook? Too cool! I promised myself no more cookbooks for at least 3 months, but.....? I will have to cook up a Peeps fest. These ideas are as good as Twinkie sushi!

                  My local paper has requested pictures of Peeps dioramas.

                  1. I'm sorry. I'm a savage, I just eat them raw. Peep sushi. ;-)

                    Has anyone seen the Peep Research website?


                    1. I'll bet you could do peep s'more brownies. Use a graham cracker crust, bake brownies over it, then top w/ peeps, pop in oven until melty.

                      You could make a cheesecake, line the rim w/ peeps before pouring in the batter. Bake, when you remove the cheesecake, you'll have a row of peeps facing you. Or, peeps tiramisu. Alternate peeps w/ ladyfingers dipped in the coffee mixture. How about peeps bathing in a cake filled w/ blue jello?

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                        Wouldn't the peeps melt when you put the cheesecake in the oven? I haven't really experimented with them in baking - I'm with TDQ above - fascinated by Peeps, but can't stand the taste.

                        I really like the blue jello idea (another thing I can't stand so it would have to be art rather than food!)

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                          Apparently, peeps are pretty sturdy--check out the deep fried ones.


                          I don't like peeps either but love the idea of cooking with them.

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                            I worry more about the bleeding of the color in the jello than melting.

                            The peeps we put on our sweet potatoes last year didn't melt as much as they puffed up and got all toasty-colored. They eventually shrank back down as the hot air diffused. I'll see if I can find a photo of last year.


                        2. Saw this in Taste of Home magazine and been dying to make it.... standard yellow cake layer, covered in chocolate icing, yellow peeps around the edge and chocolate chips in the middle...I looks like a giant sunflower!

                          1. This is a bit OT, but does anyone hate the appearance of Peeps for every holiday. I think they are only special as a Springtime treat, and am crushed when I see Peeps for Halloween and Christmas.

                            That said, I did buy green peeps to bring to a St. P's day party this weekend, even though I was specifically instructed not to bring green food.

                            Personally, I think they are best when sort of stale is you are going to go for Peeps "sushi!" ;-) But, back to home cooking, you can get almost similar results by freezing them. I have always loved Peeps, and am delighted with their resurrgance, although a bit distraught that they are now so ubiquitous!

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                              YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to buy Peeps outside of the Easter season! I don't buy peaches or tomatoes in the winter and I won't buy Peeps except in spring. Foods just taste better when they're in season!

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                                That's funny. But, I have to say I love ghost peeps for decorating. Use a milano cookie, write RIP on top for a tombstone, pop into a cupcake w/ oreo dirt on top, add peep ghost and kids love it. For the peeps lover, a halloween costume:


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                                  Chowser - love that Milano tombstone & ghost peep idea! Adorable! Gotta borrow that one for my students when El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) comes around next November! Thank you! :)

                            2. http://www.aaa-recipes.com/marshpeep/...

                              This ones a Peeps S'more Jar gift. The kids loved making them last year.