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Mar 10, 2008 07:27 PM

Canmore weekend experience

Besides the wonderful views and fun times playing in the snow, we head to Canmore for the food!!

We stayed for 3 nights right in Canmore and while we were in a condo with a full kitchen, we ate out most of the time.

Friday lunch sunny blue sky = beer & burgers on Grizzly Paw patio. A great local brew pub that makes all their own burger patties & sauces & beer & soda. We both had the bison burger with different toppings. Good flavor, not too salty, not too try, good amount of toppings. Great house made bbq sauce. Decent fries.

For dinner we tried something new. Had never been to Sage bistro. Quaint/cozy old log cabin. Canadian cusine at its best, including venison meatloaf! French onion Soups to start were good, but prefer traditional swiss cheese on top instead of oka (too mild). Meatloaf was tasty, moist, nice mushroom gravy. Sweet potato fries were amazing, crispy, flavorful. Desserts were large & good, but not mind blowing. Although my husband might disagree, he loved his banana/vanilla cream pie.

Saturday lunch picked up wraps from cafe in Lake Louise to eat at top of mountain, they were big tasty & reasonably priced. The highlight was the fudgey brownie from the bakery in LL. It was super fudgey and rich & dark. A little heavy on the icing though.

dinner: we were going to go out to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread company but decided we were too tired to go out...opted for ordering in pizza. Did not expect to get the best pizza I have ever had. Stone baked, crispy thin crust perfect amount of toppings & cheese, no grease. This was all from an Italian place in town called Santa Lucia. Gotta find stone baked pizza here in Edmonton.

Sunday brunch: Summit cafe. Best breakfast in town. Local favorite, off the main street, great patio, the bakery next door has the freshest cheese bread & other die for.

ahhhh....stuffed still!!

on a note...I have always recommended Zona's cafe in Canmore, they are closed. Anyone know why? They were a favorite, overall, not just canmore.

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  1. I concur on Sage - it's pretty decent value these days, and the food is solid. Not great, but solid.

    For baked goods, try Communitea next time too. They make this amazing danish there....
    and, of course, they pour intelligentsia, which i really like. Somehow over the course of the past year, i've turned into a coffee snob. Sigh.

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    1. re: yen

      i'm pretty sure Communitea's pastries are made by the Gourmet Croissant in Canmore. Both are great spots. I'm a big fan of Communitea's panini, and when i've actually been able get to Gourmet Croissant early enough, their pastries have been amazing (but the selection thins out later in the day).

      1. re: marcopolo

        Yes on Gourmet Croissant. My SO loves their pastries so much that we have to have at least one breakfast visit there whenever we go down to Canmore for a weekend.

        1. re: Libertycafe

          we were staying right across the street from Gourmet Croissant (could see it from our bedroom window!) and yet we did not go....good to know for next time!

        2. re: marcopolo

          Ahhh.. excellent piece of information. Thanks

      2. This might help out your search for stone-baked pizza in Edmonton. It's delicious, and their by the glass wine program is great as well.

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        1. re: littlegreenpea

          you know, we have eaten there, both take out and eat in, and we were not impressed. The pizza's with a traditional tomato sauce were so soggy, the crust is too thin for my tastes. They said that the 'white' pizzas don't get soggy.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Oh yes, the pizza bianca is the way to go there, for sure. I think my last tomato pizza was a little soggy too, now that you mention it. And the topping selection and combination, while good, could be a little more inspired. But so far it really is the best I've found in Edmonton. And I think its thin crust is one of its strengths, but I like thin crusts.

        2. Has anyone tried Treo in Canmore?
          I'm heading out there this weekend with some friends and we couldn't get reservations at the Trough and we've done Crazyweed a few tmes and are looking for something new. Maybe we'll try Sage Bistro, but are there any other gems that i might be missing?

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          1. re: Bananna85

            Quarry? Chef Studio Japan? Zona's?

            I've never been but Chez Francois has been mentioned a couple times, if you're feeling adventerous? :)

              1. re: cleopatra999

                Zona's is closed for a much needed renovation. But good news for you, there are job ads posted and they plan to reopen in April/ May.

                I walked by the other day and the building looks much, much better and bigger. I hope they can come back better than when they closed, it was getting a bit run down and inconsistent compared to all the new places that have opened in town over the past few years.

                I'll try to keep you posted on a re-opening.

                As for the Gourmet Croissant... SO AMAZING!!! He is a real french baker from Paris and it shows. The Pain au Chocolate or Blueberry danish are addictions that I have to confess to having! I get my pastrys at Communitea Cafe though (they bake for them) because I like to drink really great coffee with them for the full French experience. They cost more there, so go to GC if you want to take them home. A little inside info for you...Sundays you can only get them at Communitea since GC is closed.

              2. re: yen

                The eggs benny at Chez Francois is sooooo yummy. Definitely the best I have ever had.

              3. re: Bananna85

                I second Quarry as well. If you are looking for casual, try Rocky Mountain Flatbread for pizza.

                1. re: Libertycafe

                  The last time I went to Quarry I wasn't overly impressed.

                  Thanks for the other recommendations though!

                  1. re: Libertycafe

                    I second rocky mountain flatbread, only open for dinner though.
                    has anyone tried Luna Blue on Main street?

                    1. re: cleopatra999

                      i was there last (early) summer for dinner. beautiful warm night, and ate on the sidewalk/patio. i don't remember many details, but i'm pretty sure it was ok/good, but not blow-you-away good, certainly not bad. italian with a little bit of a twist. service was not memorable (ie, probably good, nothing stood out). my dining companion was recently there again with co-workers, and she said it was ok, but her co-workers raved about it... so... maybe we're just pickier. i don't really remember my meal, but hers was a pasta with a fruit based sauce (strawberry or rasperry as i recall) which was a little too sweet.

                  2. re: Bananna85

                    i've always had good luck at Tapas, although i've read mixed reviews elsewhere about it. Great value and i like the atmosphere of the old house they're in.

                    1. re: Bananna85

                      My ex and I ate at Treo about a year and a half ago. So, my memory is a little fuzzy at what I had to eat. I do remember it all being good. I definitely remember the bleu cheese cheesecake that I had for desert - one of the best desserts I've had in a long time. I would go back if I had the chance.

                    2. Sounds like a great Canmore Weekend Experience!!
                      I hope I can try Santa Lucia Pizza, next time we passed by Canmore. Sounds delicious.
                      I have tried good pastries from the bakery in Lake Louse, but I make sure to try the brownies next time.
                      Thanks for sharing

                      1. We ended up going to Treo and it was awesome. The service was outstanding! We shared a whole bunch of different dishes including the tuna tartar, mussels, scallops and lamb, but the best i would have to say was the Monkfish. MMMMM! We did share the bleu cheese cheesecake for dessert and i would agree that it was one of the best desserts i've had in a long time. It was nice and tart with just a hint of bleu cheese. I would definitly recommend Treo.

                        We also had breakfast at Chez Francois which was amazing. The rasberry crepes are to die for!

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                        1. re: Bananna85

                          I will have to keep those both in mind for next time as I have not been to either. Where are they located?