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Mar 10, 2008 07:27 PM

DC Hounds Staying in Century City Sans Kiddos (Plan Our Friday Night)

Pretty open ended but my wife and I only have one free evening in town (she's at a conference, I'm tagging along) and could use some advice for planning the evening. We're staying at the Intercontinental and don't have a car, but can taxi wherever. She'll finish up on Friday at around 6:30pm. I have reservations at Craft based on some of the posts on the board but could gladly be steered elsewhere. Where should we start the evening for drinks/pre-dinner spot? Stick with Craft for dinner our try elsewhere? After dinner (doesn't have to be food related). Our only request is that wherever we end up NOT be kid friendly as we left our young kids back in DC and are looking forward to restaurants without kids menus and crayons.........................

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Is her conference in the Century City area? I only ask because traffic in this town on a Friday night can be hellish, so keeping the reservation in the Century City area could be a plus.

    Re: Craft - We went to Craft for our anniversary dinner, and had a lovely time. The food was very good, although it was "heavy" because we ordered things like gnocchi, foie gras, pork loin, and brussel sprouts, all topped off with gelato. The dining room is quite large, and if possible, I'd request a more intimate booth rather than a table.

    If you want a more "intimate" dining experience - smaller, cozier dining room - I loved our visit to Josie on Pico in Santa Monica. Food, service, and ambiance are wonderful, plus I like how they use game in their appetizers and main dishes. Afterwards or before, depending on your time frame, you can skip up a few blocks to Air Conditioned which is a fun wine bar to cap off the evening.

    2424 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

    Air Conditioned
    2819 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA

    1. If you have a res at Craft for heaven's sake, keep it! You'll have a lovely time. For breakfast, crawl over to Clementine.

      1. do not brave the friday night traffic to leave century city, that experience could ruin your whole trip.

        craft will be terrific.

        1. Traffic will be bad early in the evening Friday, but should be okay if you want to head somewhere after dinner. Check out L.A. Weekly for spots to go listen to music after dinner if you are so inclined. Jazz Bakery in Culver City is pretty nice post-dinner if you like jazz (they have food there, but you don't want to eat it).

          1. I would stick with Craft's. The food is good, so is the service, and definitely no kiddie menu and crayons. The restaurant is quiet enough that you can actually talk to your spouse. You can also practically walk there from your hotel.