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Mar 10, 2008 06:57 PM

Roasted marshmallow alert at Hollywood Gelato

Just wanted fans of Greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream to know that Hollywood Gelato has roasted marshmallow as one of its current flavours. Had two scoops of the creamy, roast-y wonder tonight after dinner. I've never had Greg's, so I can't compare the two, but I thought this stuff was pretty wonderful! Not too sweet, as HG's candy flavours can sometimes be.

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  1. Given the sad collapse of Greg's quality standards, must try this. I hope I agree with your assessment, since the "pink" marshmallow flavour made by Gelato Fresco is disgusting.

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    1. re: embee

      Eeew, pink marshmallow? That sounds awful. The stuff at Hollywood is a toasty brown colour. Dense mouthfeel, unlike the absolutely horrid container of Greg's cinnamon ice cream I bought a few months ago, which was airy and grainy and all around terrible.

      1. re: TorontoJo

        In general I also find Hollywood Gelato too sweet. And I've ALWAYS found Greg's product lacking EXCEPT for the roasted marshmallow which (for me) is still superb.
        And Gelato Fresco is the top 'mass-produced' brand - although their Pink marshmallow is indeed awful - and I don't like their spearmint (which reminds me of toothpaste). But I currently have over 20 flavours of Gelato Fresco in my freezer (which diminishes daily) - thanks to their ongoing $3 per carton sale at their 'factory' (office hours only). Recently found the pear sorbet (all gone) which is my favourite all-time flavour; blood orange; 3 different types of vanilla; sour cream with lemon zest, and many more - so Hollywood Gelato will have to wait.

        1. re: estufarian

          mmm, sour cream with lemon zest sounds good...

          1. re: pescatarian

            I bought the mango vanilla swirl gelato fresco and was pretty disappointed, am I alone in this?

            1. re: callitasicit

              I've heard great things about the custom Gelato Fresco flavours, but they seldom had anything interesting in stock when I've made it to their plant. In general, I find their standard supermarket flavours pretty blah. Even signature flavours such as hazelnut are missing something. The Milanese vanilla sucks and the marshmallow, as noted, is horrible. I like the sorbets better, though I find the sugar/acid balance is wrong for my palate. The two GF flavours I like the most, oddly enough, are the Devil's Chocolate and the 0BF chocolate.

              1. re: embee

                Which grocery stores carry Gelato Fresco? My local Fortinos did until recently and I need to find a replacement source.

      2. re: embee

        I don't go to Greg's because of the line-ups and lack of parking. Didn't realize their quality went downhill. its been 2 years since I've had theirs and, sadly, I guess it will be a while before i return.

        Roast Marshmellow at HG is pretty good, but its not amazing. but i prefer things like their Key Lime Pie (which is amazing) and some of their choco flavours.

      3. The roasted marshmallow at Hollywood Gelato is MUCH better than Greg's version. It is simply put, to die for. So roasty and delicately burnt. Wonderful. I agree with estufarian that much of HG's creations are a bit too sweet, but certainly not the roasted marshmallow (their Hazelnut is awesome too). Divine. Last time I had Greg's marshmallow was last summer. Honestly, I liked it. But didn't love it. It was a tad bland. But otherwise not bad. Try HG's version. Terrific.

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        1. re: magic

          As a disappointed decades long Greg's customer, I wanted to love HG's version. I didn't. While it's much better than the grotesque pink stuff from Gelato Fresco, something is missing from the HG flavour. I really think Greg had something special with the roasted marshmallow - at least until he replaced most of the ice cream with air.

          I like HG a lot. While I do find some flavours sweeter than my ideal, I had the Sicilian pistachio and the Valhrona chocolate last week. Both were perfect.

        2. I know this is going to sound crazy but I kind of like Sobeys' Compliments Sensations brand of Roasted Marshmallow Crunch Ice Cream. I happened to pick it up on a whim last Winter when I was craving marshmallow ice cream. I used to really like Greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream but haven't gone back there in a long while.

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          1. re: always_eating

            The gelato counter at Dominion's also has a roasted marshmellow gelato. I tried a taste of it and didn't love it...too sweet and not smokey enough for me. I'd like to try the Hollywood Gelato version. I actually really like Greg's mashmellow ice cream!