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Mar 10, 2008 06:22 PM

Clearwater /Sarasota recommendations

Coming down for 2 nights in Clearwater(Sandpearl resort) and 2 nights in Sarasota(Lido Beach area) April. We've never been to this area.
Any places to "not miss"...We like outside seating and dining..good quality food but not too upscale. No chain restaurants for us!!
Like all types of husband loves raw bars.
Post your favorites

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  1. In Clearwater I would suggest Bob Heilmans Steakhouse or Island Way Grill. In Sarasota I would suggest Selva Grillle, Cork and Tosca.
    These are my favorites.

    Have a great time.

    1. There have been several extended discussions recently about restaurants in Sarasota. Check out these topics and you'll find plenty of recommendations:

      1. I wish we had a lot of good offerings on Clearwater Beach, but we don't as of yet. Go to Bob Heilman's if your idea of a good meal is 1960s fare. Really, their relish tray reminds me of something my grandparents would have enjoyed during a night on the town 40+ years ago. Island Way Grill can be good, but I've had hit or miss experiences there (still, it's typically where I take out-of-towners because it's a great space with a nice view). The restaurants in the Sandpearl are both good and worth the price for the wonderful view, but they might be too upscale for you. Kiku, across the street from the Sandpearl, has awesome sushi. And there's a new little joint that just opened by the Sandpearl on Mandalay called Clear Sky Cafe that serves a nice breakfast.

        Drive down Gulf Blvd to Indian Rocks Beach (about 10 - 15 minutes for a great lunch or dinner at Guppy's. I think they serve some of the best fish on the beaches.

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          Re Clear Sky.....we happened upon this cafe recently and did not have the best experience. My hubby ordered eggs on hash - and was very disappointed in the small serving and it came with only 1 piece of toast (barely toasted!). My eggs bennie were okay. We gathered from comments at other tables and discussions with their servers that things were far from perfect for them as well. Maybe they need to work out some "opening" kinks, or perhaps we hit them on the wrong day????? On a better note....Guppy's was very good!