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Mar 10, 2008 05:36 PM

La Plaza Del Sol Mkt and Deli [Paso Robles]

Making a leisurely trip home Sunday after a stop a L'Aventure, scoring some Jacob Toft cuvee, and a taste of Stephan's Cote a Cote out of the tank, WOW! (release date May 1), I stopped at this little market on the NE corner of Spring and 15th. Met with incredible smells walking in the door. Being a one man operation, I had the chance to check out things while a to go order was being prepared. The standard deli case with meats and cheeses, folks tear off a check list order sheet for the type of bread, meat, cheese, condiments and extras they want. Daily specials are:

Mon: Chipotle chicken sand
Tues: tinga Tostadas
Wed: BBQ Tri-tip sand
Thus: Chicken BBQ quesadilla
Fri: Carne Asada tacos
Sat: Turkey Bacon Avocado sand

I spied a vertical spit back on the cook line and sure enough it was al pastor. When I got a chance to chat with the owner he said on weekends he does all sorts of tacos... cabeza, tripas, asada, and of course al pastor, that aren't offered on week days. If I hadn't been so stuffed from the eggs sardou for a late breakfast at Bon Temps in SLO I would have ordered one of everything.

A search of this board didn't turn up anything, wondering if any local hounds have tried the place?

La Plaza Del Sol Market and Deli
1514 Spring St. (at 15th)

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  1. I was at L'Aventure on Sunday as well! kinda bummed that they were only pouring 3 wines for $10 bucks, but at least he gives you a Reidel to take home, right? The May releases are going to be awesome....

    Anyway, Del Sol, I am pretty sure is run by the same people who have the restaurant next door. The restaurant had a great business going, especially when the bar was across the street, but alas, they had to move for retrofitting and the bar closed down. They recently moved back in. They were actually the first place to bring tacos al pastor to Paso. Now there's another place on the east side over by Senor Sanchos, it's called Tacos Tenexpa.

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      Thanks pg100, I've had TT on my list for a while but never seem to be taking that route through your lovely town. I must have been somewhat brain dead since I didn't even notice a restaurant near the market.

      Al pastor (roasted on a vertical spit) is my favorite taco/torta/burrito or just about any delivery method of Mexican offerings. Please report back if you try it and find it chow worthy.

      Damn, didn't think to ask about taking the Riedel glass home, OTOH, I didn't pay for the tasting. In fact I declined the offer to taste from the young lady since I had a drive ahead of me and the purpose of the visit was to pick up some of Jacob Toft's Mary Jane Cuvee (he works for Stephan as I found out). Jacob strongly suggested I try the Cote a Cote being released on May 1, and took me back to the vats for a sample. I'm forever in his debt, unbelievable nose, depth of flavors, and inky purple color. Down side is the price is going up to $85, iirc, out of my range but perhaps not to a few of my tasting compadres. And to think, back when I first visited Windward prior to Stephan having a place, Mark was graciously pouring some of the L'Aventure wines, and I thought they were expensive then at @ $35. I have a soft spot in my heart for the little guys that help out their neighbors, was reminded of that when I visited the Bonaccorsi table at WOPN.

      1. re: PolarBear

        well, I'm wrong about the market, no relation to the restaurant. My sister works near there. He's got his own thing going and is getting popular at lunch. I'm going to have to go by there for a torta one of these days.

        We also got to visit Terry Hoage Cellars, he actually poured for us. We walked out with 2 bottles of Syrah (the Hedge) and a bottle of the Grenache/Syrah blend (the 46). It turns out he's a former NFL player and a very humble, laid back guy. Most importantly, his wines are incredible. Just driving up to the cellar you can tell that he takes great care of his vines. Appointment only, but they will be pouring for Zin fest this weekend. (although they have no zins)

        1. re: paso_gurl_100

          I saw a write up on TH Cellars while over there last week. I assume his wines are only available at the winery?

          1. re: PolarBear

            At this point, it looks like the winery is the only source. At least until May, when, as you know, all the westside wineries will have new releases. TH is pretty hard to come by- small production, and NO discounting. I need more people to try his wine so I can figure out if it's just a crush (former NFL, dreamboat, totally humble guy), or if his wine is really good!

      2. re: paso_gurl_100

        I believe the cafe is Los Robles Cafe? 15th st and Spring, next to the old Fox theater, sounds right. Didn't know there was a market as well. Gotta check it out.

        1. re: toodie jane

          Hmm, didn't see any tables, just a small mini-mart with a cooking set up behind the small counter with the register. (NE corner, iirc)

          1. re: PolarBear

            was there Monday, the cold case was on the fritz, no food at all! Not much else going on there. Blaring shock-rock on the radio and cold drinks. It is one block north of los Robles Cafe on Spring St. Willl check it out in the future. Meanwhile, Los Robles is simply good!


          2. re: toodie jane

            You were right, TJ!

            Last Saturday we headed for La Plaza Del Sol Market at Spring and 15th for the al pastor tacos only to find that the food service in the market was under new ownership and is now an Italian Deli. Did notice that they had breakfast burritos in the case.

            On the way there we saw a sign for al pastor at Los Robles next to the old Fox Theater that is being renovated. I had confirmed that they prepared the meat on a spit so we ended up splitting 3 al pastor tacos and the Mojo de Ajo. Tacos came with a grilled wedge of onion, radishes and cilantro accompanied by a nice brick red salsa and and a thin green, which seemed a little salty, but had nice heat. LadyPB proclaimed the camarones excellent, even better than her prior favorite from Don Pepe's in Fresno. I thought the al pastor also rivaled DP's. and will definitely return. A torta was also available but seemed a little pricey @ 7.95.

            Los Robles Cafe and Restaurant
            1420 Spring St.

        2. Thanks for the tip - I am not a Paso local, but spend an awful lot of time there on business and am always looking for good take out. Once I've tried this, I'll report back.

          1. Glad to hear that Bon Temps in SLO is still on your radar - we had a chance to try it last Sept. and really liked what we tasted...

            Bon Temps Creole Cafe
            1000 Olive St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405