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Mar 10, 2008 05:36 PM

Legal Seafoods vs. Sel De Le Terre, but what to order?

All - I'm in the midst of changing jobs, and the Legal's (Aquarium) seems to be a decent place to go to when being courted by potential new employers.
What the heck should I order?
I've tried the baked scrod. Very plain, and the fish chowder was incredibly bland. Salads are also very plain.
Is there anything of merit on the Legal Seafood menu?
I'm tempted to do an oyster thing, but worried that my potential new boss is going to find my ordering oysters a bit odd.

Given my choice, I'll eat at Galleria Umberto or the Daily Catch any day, but not really an option here.

Sel de la Terre a better option?

Help, & Thanks


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  1. Sel de la Terre is much better and more interesting food than Legal's. Much.

    1. A much better option and it shows that you think for yourself and don't follow the herd to a chain restaurant.

      I would order food that allows your attention to be on the conversation. Go for something simple and easy to eat. At SDLT, that will also be delicious. Make the oyster splurge your celebration meal when you land the job you want.

      1. I went to Legal Seafoods in Braintree a little while back - was the first time I'd been to any of the Legal restaurants in a very long time. I ordered the nutty Wild Salmon...I have to say it was outstanding! Definitely had me changing my mind about Legals...service was wonderful, too.

        1. I only order one thing at Legals for lunch: tortilla, goat cheese and apple salad with grilled scallops. Has a nice citrus dressing, lots of textures and the scallops add a little bit of interest.

          However, SDLT is a better option all around.

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            The steak frites at SDLT is a nice option. Sliced, with a sauce, so it's easy to eat. And perfectly cooked.

          2. I happen to be a fan of Legal Seafood. My favorite dish is their sole in a lemon butter caper sauce. The crabcakes are also good as is the butterfish. The Rhode Island style calamari (with hot peppers) is delicious. The oysters are great- usually several varieties and very fresh- why is it odd to order oysters????

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              I am a big fan of the Crab cakes and the Rhode Island Calamari. I usually dine at the Prudential location and have Jacob or Adam as our servers both who are extremely attentive to my needs and my wine glass is always full!!! Unfortunately they do not have the butter fish on the menu anymore, or the Lemon Caper Sole. I will have to check out Long Wharf sometime I guess for those dishes. Although I did have a Lobster Stuffed Sole as a special there last week and it was to great. I wish it was on the menu all the time, because I would order it every time!!