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Mar 10, 2008 05:26 PM

Wurstfestival - Hermann, MO

While planing a romantic getaway (BTW - if you have any suggestions about 120 miles from Kansas City, please let me know), I came across Wurstfest in Hermann, MO - b/w Columbia & St. Louis. Anyone been there? Is it worth it? I know there are some wine tours available - I've never had Missouri wine either. Is this worth the 3 hr drive?


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  1. Never did the Wurstfest, but did do the Kristkindlfest a couple of years ago. Stayed at a lovely b&b and walked around the town. I would recommend it! The Missouri wines are fine. American-style sausage and wurstl and bier und wein. How can you go wrong? The town is really nice ... Can you take the train? A lot of people prefer that method of travel.

    1. I haven't spent much time in Herrmann, but it is a lovely little town from what I have seen. Missouri wines depend on the varietal. I've had some excellent wines from Stone Hill. I found it interesting that the Missouri River Valley was one of the top wine-producing regions in the world prior to prohibition.

      If you're looking for another romantic getaway, Eureka Springs, Ark., is a fun, artsy, quirky town in the Ozarks. It's probably a little further than you're wanting to drive, but it's worth the trip.

      1. Hermann is great, very picturesque. We've had some good chow too. I think you might want to have a car though to get around. Some places that we have been to and really liked.
        Vintage Restaurant @ Stone Hill Winery you might need reservations

        Momtagues BBQ Texas style (spicy not sweet)

        Sharp Corner Tavern hamburgers

        Places I want to try

        Time for Pie

        The Cottage Restaurant and Gallery

        We usually always go for the Kristkindl Markt and try to get some ham, sausage and bacon from the Swiss Meats. They are from a nearby town but usually have a booth set up. I can't imagine that they wouldn't be at the Wurstfest.
        I'm not so crazy about the wine but it is OK in the context of everythng else.