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Mar 10, 2008 05:25 PM

Good place for solo diner in Nashville?

I'm heading to Nashville later this week with my son who will be participating in various activities at Vanderbilt, leaving me alone for one dinner on Friday night. I'm up for any kind of food and any price range; so long as it's delicious and won't make me feel too awkward eating my meal alone there. If possible, I'd like to try something indicative of the Nashville dining scene that I can't find or isn't so common in South Florida. Any suggestions??? TIA

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  1. I would recommend a restaurant called Monell's. It's southern cooking at its best. And it's served family-style, so if you go there by yourself, you'll be seated at a big table with a lot of other people, so it won't be too awkward.

    Monell's Dining & Catering
    1235 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

    1. Margot Cafe and Bar in East Nashville

      1. Rotier's has excellent cheeseburgers and it's near Vanderbilt. The Elliston Place Soda Shop is also a great place for an excellent milkshake and it's on the same street as Rotier's.

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          Just an fyi, the wind has blown Rotier's sign down so you might pass it unless you know exactly where it is. Fuss and I walked over there last week fr/ where we were staying. Not being 100% certain of its location we panicked thinking we were on the wrong route until we got close enough to recognize the place.

        2. Search these boards (and the Web) for Zola, Ombi, Mad Platter, Watermark, Mambu, Capitol Grille -- none is specifically Southern, but there are local/southern touches on the menus. Ombi, Zola and Mambu are walking distance from Vandy (depending on where you're staying). The others are a little further.
          Those are the fine dining places. If you want a downscale but satisfying and truly Southern experience, Sylvan Park Cafe is open for dinner (but not late -- I think they close before 8 p.m.). It's about a mile from Vandy and easy to find. Meatloaf, chicken, okra, cornbread and greens, fried corn, pinto beans --it's called meat-n-three, and it's our local vernacular cuisine.
          Someone mentioned Elliston Place Soda Shop earlier. Besides sundaes, etc, it serves meat-n-three at lunch, but not sure about dinner. Might be worth checking. It's near Vandy, next to a cool bookstore, on a cool block.

          1. I like Cabana:

            The lobster mac and cheese is amazing.