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Mar 10, 2008 05:22 PM

Eye Weekly Readers Choice 2008

Just thought I'd post a link to eye weekly's readers choice for the best of T.O and I was wondering if you agree or disagree with some of the choices. The one I disagree with is best all you can eat buffet, THE MANDARIN, food fit for a troff and not one of my faves.

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  1. Disagree with 99.9999% of the 'chow' list!

    1. So much for the wisdom of crowds.

      1. This survey seems slightly better than the NOW one, where the most heavily advertised chain under each category seems to get the most votes simply because that's the one most people can think of when they're filling out the form so they can enter the contest.

        I am pleased to see Harlem getting the great exposure. 7 West is a respectable choice for an all-round cafe. I personally thought Fressen was pretty disappointing the one time I went, but hey, not a lot of vegan places come to mind for most people, I guess. Camros on Hayden was far more impressive, to me.

        But does anybody really believe that the best Greek food in all of Toronto is served by the Mr. Greek chain, and that nobody in this city can grill a better steak than The Keg? Egads!

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          I walked by Harlem the other night, not having previously heard of it, and was instantly intrigued. Can you tell me more about it, Gary?

          1. re: Jacquilynne

            Highly recommend Harlem. Casual atmosphere, friendly/knowledgeable servers, very good and reasonably priced food, large portions and reasonable wine mark-ups. We were there last week and had breaded catfish appetizer, daily soup (a root vegetable base with coconut), candied yams, bbq chicken and cajun meatloaf. Very pleased with all. My memory isn't good enough to do justice to these dishes by describing the spicing and side dishes, but the fact that after finishing, we wanted to make a reservation for the next night to try the other dishes we were considering, summarizes the meal well! It appears to be much busier than the time of my previous visit, so you likely need to make reservations.

          2. re: Gary

            Didn't the Now discontinue its readers poll a couple of years ago?

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