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Mar 26, 2002 09:11 PM

A Challenge: Gascon Chow for My Hound in LA?

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Here's a challenge to the LA chowhounds:

Does LA have any establishments serving gascon food? (Preferably traditional cuisine de la pays, not just token foie gras and armagnac.)


And -most importantly (since I have a basset bleu de gascogne ^_^)- do any of these rarified eateries have a dog friendly patio?

(I know..a long shot within a long shot!)

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  1. No basset hounds here but do have a couple of red rough chows, Rufus and Zoe

    1. There is a website that lists dogfriendly places to eat, hotels, parks, etc.


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        Hmm. Thanks, I'll check it out. I really should have said "almost as importantly", since I really am after authentic gascon cuisine. I can always bring Kabuki a, well, you know..doggie bag.

        We live in Venice, so she has a fairly broad choice of canine-friendly al fresco dining. On the Eastside, she recommends Euro Pane. (The bread Sumi gives her as a treat has a lot to do with that, naturally. It's her favorite snack, oddly enough.)