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Mar 10, 2008 04:24 PM

Pho and Thai - Name is Terrible Pad Thai Superb

This is the new place in Belmont. Haven't even tried the Pho, kind of suspicious, how is it possible to do Pho and Thai well?

Ate there once and it was neither here nor there. But just had their Pad Thai for takeout and it was superb. One of the best I've had in Boston with fried garlic niblets and good flavor. In all fairness, I did ask for extra fish sauce when I called. Makes me want to try a few other of their Thai dishes.

Heck in the culinary wasteland that is Belmont, this place is practically Le Bernardin.

Pho and Thai
63 White St
Belmont, MA 02478
(617) 484-1118

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  1. Just got delivery from there (delivery charge is $2, but warning, the delivery guy didn't have any change and ended up with a huge tip because we only had $20s).

    We got the "Seafood Madness," panang curry with crispy duck, Tiger's Tears, and Mee Siam. Aside from the overly deep-fried crispy duck with a somewhat thick batter, everything was good and the seafood tasted particularly fresh. I can't compare Tiger's Tears to elsewhere -- I know there are strong feelings about it on this board -- but I thought that while the beef was perfectly cooked, slightly charred on the outside and tender on the inside, the sauce didn't really add anything.

    I would go back -- there isn't a whole lot of good Thai around here. I have yet to try the Vietnamese side of the menu, but I'd be willing to give it a shot next time.

    1. We had takeout the other day. I wasn't too impressed. The apps were tasty, satay and thai rolls, but I thought the Pad Thai was just okay. I like the Pad Thai at Erawan of Siam on Moody better.

      We also tried the mango curry with beef, which I didn't like at all. At first bite it has no flavor at all, then two hours later it was all I could taste. I don't claim to be a curry expert but this was a very unappealing dish to me.

      I don't know that I would rush back to try other things unless they were recommended by others.

      1. I'll try this place eventually, but when in Belmont I currently go to Patou for Thai. Fried garlic bits is a closer for me; I want to try it now.