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Mar 10, 2008 04:07 PM

FATHERS OFFICE - Culver city to open

Hey all,

When I worked in S.M. I tried to go to Father's Office once but it was closed at lunch. Now that there will be new location right near to where I live in Culver City, I cant wait to take my Norm's seat on the 50 foot bar with the 72 spouts for 36 different beers and order a fantastic burger too.

My only question is...I heard that you cannot add or subtract items from the dish you order. And they dont carry vodka? No ketchup? is there a corkage fee if you bring your own bottle?

What gives? Any more rules? Good/bad experiences?


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  1. A lot of people really love it, but I didn't like it at all. The original was so packed, and you had to hover like a jackal to get a chair. There are no substitutions and for me the burger was way too salty, which ruined the flavor. And the fries were not very impressive, though I like that they are in miniature shopping carts. I kept hearing about FO and was so excited to find a really great hamburger, but for me I was totally let down. I would rather eat at Houstons.

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      There is no corkage fee for ketchup. I've brought a small bottle many times.

    2. I love the burger and think the fries are excellent, too. However, in contrast to the poster above, I was annoyed by the gimmicky shopping cart that they serve the fries in. That's a very small greivance in the grand scheme of things.

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        It's sort of gimmicky, but I'm a pun-lover and get a chuckle every time I see the fries being served "a la cart" as per the chalkboard menu.

        1. no, everything was good, the only thing that was missing was good service, of course you have to have something in order to be able to say that it was good or bad, it was more like no service, as if they are dong you a favor

          but that's just it, everything else was just good, i can not understand what the big deal is with this place, plus this guy is a fry nazi....."what's this, you have ketchup? that's it, no fry for you, you must go!"

          1. I hope the new FO is bigger than the original. That one was way too crowded and I ended up having to fight for a table, not the way I wanted to start my evening. I've tried the burger but can't rave about it. Apple Pan's is better in my opinion. However, the sweet potato fries were awesome! That's what I'd go back for. That, and the beers.

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            1. re: lemon seeds

              Wow, I thought their burger was a pretty good size. I usually can only finish it and my order of sweet potato fries if I am really hungry. And, I honestly can't see how anyone would take Apple Pan over FO (esp. considering how expensive Apple Pan is for what you get - basically, "In n Out"+ IMHO).

              1. re: mdpilam

                I don't think lemon seeds was making a negative comment regarding the size of the "burger" but rather the size of the "room" at the FO's on Montana.

              2. re: lemon seeds

                Sorry, but Apple Pan's burger is nowhere near FO's in quality and taste. Especially if you factor in the price, beer, and other items on the menu, FO and Apple Pan are miles apart..