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Denver Fine Dining

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Greetings and salutations all,
I just stumbled across this board today and am very excited to read some of the postings. I have done a quick search and I don't see that anyone has really started a 'Fine Dining' topic. My girlfriend and I recently went to Las Vegas and ate at Michael Mina's in the Bellagio. We have decided we want to fine dine at least once a month. So far we have taken in McCormick & Schmicks, Elways, Manor House and Ocean.
I'm hoping that people will post their favorite restaurant up and give a little review on it.

Thanks and happy eating!

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  1. Happy that you stumbled in, kscant. This question, worded varously, has been addressed on other threads. Among the frequently recommended restaurants are:
    Vesta Dipping Grill
    Bistro Vendome

    For the finest, Frasca in Boulder

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      Thanks for the response Clarie
      I checked out the menus and I'm already salivating over the Rioja one!!

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        I am in Denver for the first time in 10-15 years and selected Rioja for my dinner tonight.

        Whatever you do, don't miss the pork belly appetizer. Braised until it melts in your mouth and crusted in a rub of cumin and coriander, it sits on a puree of curried chick peas. I'm a big fan of pork belly and order it whenever I see it on a menu, but this recipe blew me away.

        I had the lamb shank special for the entree and while that was good as well, it didn't send me to the stratosphere.

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          I love it when people describe their eating experiences like that! I'm ready to eat it now. It appears to have a very Indian twist on it for being pork.
          Thanks BrentK.

    2. RIoja is one of my faves as well. Don't miss Mizuna, Luca D'Italia, and Fruition. I love Frasca, of course. And I haven't been, but French 250 has been favorably reviewed this week by both Westword and the Post.

      1. I also just found these boards after researching restraunts for a trip to NYC my wife and I are going to. Very nice to see a forum like this for the Colorado area!