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Mar 10, 2008 03:37 PM

Cafe Amelie?

Can anyone tell me about the kind of food they serve (they have a website for their banquet facilies, but not the restaurant, sadly)?
Which is best, breakfast/lunch/dinner?

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  1. Here you go:
    We've had lunch & dinner there several times & enjoyed everything every visit.

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    1. re: philmaur

      Thanks! That's just what I needed!
      Have you ever had breakfast/brunch there?

      1. re: CEfromLA

        You are welcome. No, we have never had breakfast or brunch at Cafe Amelie, but I'm sure it would be great.

    2. Amelie is fantastic for brunch. Be sure to go on a beautiful day and enjoy the time spent in the courtyard while waiting for a table. We went two Sunday's ago, and had a lengthy wait, but it was so beautiful outside that it was a true treat.
      The food is always good. In each thing I have ordered over several visits, I can tell that the ingredients are very fresh and of great quality. Specifically, the grits are extremely creamy and yummy. Bacon, eggs, french toast, etc. are all great. The gumbo truly wowed us! Additionally, their coffee is notable. I know it is Community, but for some reason (maybe it is the outdoor setting) it just tastes better there.
      My husband and I have remarked that each time we go, we feel that the food really competes with the better restaurants in the city.

        1. The best thing about Amelie, besides the food, is to be there at dusk when the lights in the courtyard and across the street at the Cornstalk Fence Hotel come on. It could be the most romantic scene in the Quarter.