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Mar 10, 2008 03:31 PM

Lunch near the Legion of Honor?

In April, I'm coming to SF to see the Annie Leibowitz exhibit at the Legion of Honor. I'd like to go to lunch near the exhibit but am not aware of eating spots in that neighborhood.

Any chowhound advice re lunch near the Legion? Any style/ethnicity and price point is fine.

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. The first place I thought of was Pizzetta 211. Their hours are rather eccentric, though, so if you're interested, you should check and see if they jibe with your schedule.

    1. Ah... forgot the places link:

      Pizzetta 211
      211 23rd Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121

      1. Here's a current topic on favorite places in the general neighborhood (Richmond District), many are open for lunch:

        1. Not sure how familiar you are with the museum but it is out on its own in a park so that means there's nothing really within walking distance unless you consider the museum cafe. (The cafe is just OK, nothing special.) So if you end up eating in the Richmond, which is the neighborhood near the museum, you're going to end up driving again to the museum. I just bring this up to say you can probably widen your search since you're going to have to drive already. Just build in the time for that.