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Mar 10, 2008 03:02 PM

[DFW] Simple Request - Best Cheese Enchiladas in DFW

Title says it all. Which restaurant has the best cheese enchiladas?

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  1. I like Pepe's & Mito's with the chipotle wine sauce. Not very traditional but super tasty.

    1. Joe T. Garcia's in Forth Worth. They make is simple, only two items on the menu: Fajitas, Enchiladas. They have been around for years.

      1. For straight-up traditional cheese enchiladas, I must say El Fenix.

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          Oddly, the best I've has are at Juan's at Preston and Frankford. Very good and affordable lunch specials. I get the chese echiliadas toped with beef fajita meat.

          1. re: fishfry

            Juan's...that's a new one....will have to try soon. I will put Tipico's out there - either location Carrollton or NW Hwy (Bachman Lake). I love both the salsa's, no salt on the chips,the simplicity of the chile gravy they put on the meat in the gravy, and you can still taste corn tortilla in the mix. Just simple and consistent.

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              I've passed Tipico's on NW Hwy a hundred times. Is it an okay place for a gringo to go?

              1. re: Scagnetti

                Very much so.....they might not speak just excellent English but they know it there. The place always has about 5-10 cars in the parking lot. has a pretty simple menu too, nachos/aps, tacos, burritos, tostadas, and plates. But have some "different" tacos tounge and brain...don't hear about brain too much (never tried it).

            2. re: fishfry

              Love Juan's! We finally ended up there because that stretch of Preston is a regular drive for us and the outdoor fireplace is always burning Mesquite wood - the smell is heady and lures you in. I stayed away at first thinking it was another On The Border type place, but it's actually a little more original. Love the enchiladas. They make their own corn tortillas every day and the freshness really comes through. Hubby and I split the "Whole Enchilada" the first time and the cheese enchilada is omg good, but its the beef enchilada that was the standout for me. We also like the steaks, soft taco with queso, spicy hot sauce, and my favorite The King Ranch Shrimp - a coronary waiting to happen so I split it and get a enchilada on the side.
              The skillet apple pie was good to try the first time we went - the caramel cooking on the skillet, turning into warm buttery goodness right in front of us and counteracting with the flakiness of the pastry, BUT near the bottom the cast iron skillet it was delivered to the table on still had the faintest taste of grilled onions - not perfect.
              We've gone 4 times in the last six months and for us, with all the great places to eat in this immediate area, that makes it practically a regular. We stopped going to El Fenix about the same time. Hrmm.
              Oh.. two more things. They have a fireplace, and for a romantic like me that's a must for a cozy meal in the winter months. Also, the service is attentive and warm, never hurried or acts like the 4th request for tortillas and butter is intrusive.

          2. Ojeda's. The best chili sauce I have ever had. Cheese enchiladas with chili sauce and onions on top. Smokey beans, rice, and great hot sauce.