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Vegetarian-friendly in several NE spots

We're about to take off for New England on a college tour with our vegetarian daughter. We plan to eat pizza in New Haven, but we are looking for some recommendations in Williamstown, Amherst and Cambridge, MA, Hanover, NH, and Providence, RI. Other suggestions in New Haven would be appreciated.

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  1. For Providence, my veggie faves are the Garden Grille and Rasoi (Indian) on the Providence/Pawtucket border.

    Garden Grille is all vegetarian, with vegan items and desserts. Rasoi has a veg- and vegan-friendly menu (with delicious non-veg items). If you're around on Saturday, Rasoi has a vegan and gluten-free buffet.

    While Garden Grille is not universally adored, Rasoi seems to be. You'll find plenty of postings on both if you search the board.

    If you're visiting Brown, just head north on Hope Street and you'll find both restaurants about 2-3 miles down the road on the left.


    1. My vegan daughter loves Garden Grille and Rasoi in Pawtucket, just over the line from Providence, as recommended by awurriu. We actually just ate at both this past weekend. The location may seem odd as you drive up, as they are both in a little strip mall, near an unappetizing looking Rite Aid pharmacy, but both are surprisingly good. You'll all have many choices. Creative menus, pleasant staff and really top food. She especially loves Garden Grille, and tried two of their martinis along with their vegan cheesecake in addition to the main course. She lives in Cambridge and says there is nothing like it anywhere near her. We also hit Julian's for their Sunday brunch. They are packed on Sundays, but we got a table quickly and enjoyed Bloody Marys, vegan pancakes, and a vegan "eggs benedict" dish that was quite good. It's a wild scene- very crowded and fun. You may feel out of it if you don't have a tattoo and a few piercings, but trust me, everyone is really nice and it's a fun spot for anyone of any age. The Red Stripe in Wayland Square is more formal. They have a tofu dish that is very good, but she won't have as many choices here. There are a lot of salads, and the chef can adapt things for her.

      In the Cambridge, Boston area, we would recommend Elephant Walk and Helmand. (Check the Boston Board for comments and reviews.) Grezzo has just opened (again, check the board), but we have not been yet. We're going in April and can't wait. We also have had good luck at Eastern Standard, which is not a vegetarian place, so they have lots of meat and fish dishes, yet there are good salads and sides for any vegetarian. It is located in Kenmore Square near BU; the chef has kindly prepared things for her without cheese or butter, and she also is able to order some of the vegetarian sides on the menu that do not have dairy. Have fun on your trip.

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        There's not really much in terms of vegetarian-specific dining in Hanover. Depending on the level of meal you're looking for, there's a place (Boloco) that makes various types of wraps with either chicken, beef or tofu. It'd be an ok place to grab a quick lunch although I'm not a big fan of it. Another lunch spot is Lou's which serves breakfast and lunch. It's very popular (packed weekend mornings) but slightly overrated imo (it's just a regular breakfast place as far as I'm concerned). Other than that, the nicer restaurants in the area (Canoe Club, Peyton Place, Norwich Inn, etc) generally have 1 or 2 vegetarian offerings. There are also various ethnic restaurants (Jewel of India - the best imo, the Orient - very ordinary, Mai Thai - haven't been but has a rep for slow service). Also, Ramunto's in town has good pizza and great garlic knots.

        Also, if you're visiting Dartmouth before campus closes up (finals end this Thursday and most students have to be out of their rooms Friday), Collis Cafe serves lunch and usually has a somewhat creative (ethnic) vegetarian entree. Good luck with the visits

      2. In the Amherst area (not Amherst per se, but 30 minutes north), try Hope & Olive in Greenfield (http://www.hopeandolive.com/). IMO, definitely worth the drive. If you search this board, you'll find a few reviews.

        Otherwise, I've had quite a few good sandwiches and salads at the Black Sheep (http://www.blacksheepdeli.com/) and the Loose Goose (http://www.loosegoosecafe.com/) in Amherst. A recently open breakfast place in Northampton, the Green Bean has gotten some positive reviews here, and the one time I did try their breakfast, I was not disappointed (plenty of vegetarian options, very flexible menu, tends to get crowded on weekends).

        The Esselon cafe in Hadley (between Amherst and Northampton) may also be a place to consider (http://www.esselon.com/). Please report back.

        1. in New Haven- Claire's Corner Copia is a good, casual vegetarian restaurant... a block or 2 from the Yale campus

          in Amherst- Judy's is good..known for huge, melt in your mouth popovers..a block from from Amherst College

          1. Try Ahimsa in New Haven, totally vegan and very good, if quirky. There's also good Indian food at Thali, which is close to downtown. There's good vegetarian sushi at Miya's and a lot of the Yale-campus-area buffets have lots of veg options. Also try the all-veg buffet at Edge of the Woods, a great market a few minutes drive from Yale on Whalley Ave.

            1. I'll second Garden Grille & Rasoi in Providence. I love love LOVE Garden Grille. My fave might be the butternut squash quesadillas (w/black beans, pepper jack cheese and avocado). Grilled asparagus wrap is excellent too.

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                Esselon in Hadley on Rt. 9 is a charming coffee roaster and restaurant. Lots of veggie-friendly offerings. I would also hit Amherst Chinese Food, known for their own locally grown veggies.

              2. To the Amherst area recommendations, I would add Paul & Elizabeth's in downtown Northampton (http://www.paulandelizabeths.com/). I also love the Fresh Pasta Company in downtown NoHo, but not sure how much Italian you want if you are doing pizza in New Haven. In Cambridge, you should definitely do the vegetarian tasting menu at Oleana (http://www.oleanarestaurant.com/) If you check the Boston board you will find many other veggie recommendations as well. This is a really helpful thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/419475

                1. Not too far from New Haven, and worth the slight detour, is Bloodroot, in Bridgeport, one of the better vegetarian restaurants in the country, IMO. Sort of old-school vegetarian but really good.

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                    I second the recommendation of Bloodroot - worth going a little out of your way for - it is really something special. I make "pilgrimages" there whenever I am travelling that way in I95.
                    I also second the recommendation of Veggie Planet in Harvard Square. It was started by Didi Emmons who wrote a cookbook by the same name and is fairly well-known in the world of vegetarian cooking. (The "Lunch for Henry" pizza is especially good.)

                  2. Check out www.happycow.net . We're vegan and live in Cambridge. We don't eat out much (my husband's a terrific cook!) but when we do, we go to Elephant Walk (French & Cambodian with veg options), Veggie Planet (near Harvard Square), Martsa on Elm (Tibetan) in Davis Square (Somerville). If lacto-ovo veg, my husband recommends Helmand (Afghani, somewhat pricey). For inexpensive food he recommends Picante (burritos) in Central Square.

                    1. Maybe a little late for you, but being a vegitarian, I offer some Amherst, Mass. Area recomendations:
                      Pizza - Antonios pizza by the slice, in Downtown Amherst, Very little seating, but open til 1 or 2 AM! They have both meat loaded slices and a great Vegitarian Selection including Avacado Quesadilla (Yes it's a pizza slice) that's my favorite for $3.25 You can also get whole pies to go.

                      Oriental - Amherst Chinese has a nice selection of vegitarian dishes with local organic produce.
                      Butterfly of Hadley (On Route 9 between Amherst & Northampton) has an outstanding full Vegitarian menu (Veggie Beef & Broccoli, Veggie Orange Chicken, etc.)
                      Fresh Side in Amherst is pan-asian also has some nice tofu selections.

                      If visiting Hampshire College in Amherst, try Atkins Farm Market across the street for a nice salad bar, bakery and nice sandwich selections.

                      In Northampton - Bela Vegitarian is fresh cooked, eclectic vegan menu with lots of tofu & Tempah selections.