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Mar 10, 2008 02:04 PM

Can I save the salad dressing?

Just made a batch of salad dressing and sitting here realized that I forgot to add the Dijon mustard. Can I still wisk it in now or will that affect the emulsion? Tia

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  1. Whisk it in. The mustard will actually help the emulsion - at least that's been my experience whenever I forgot it!

    Salad-dressing emulsions are a lot more easygoing than newbies tend to think they are; though they will separate if left standing for long periods of time, they come back together very easily.

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    1. We make about a pint of "base" dressing (6:1 extra virgin : w. wine, tarragon and garlic vinegar, salt and black pepper) and keep it in a stoppered bottle. Shake it up, pour required amount into a small dish/jug and whisk in any desired extras to vary the taste, although the flavoured vinegar means it's fine on its own. A pint will last us about a week and we don't notice any staleness.