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Mar 10, 2008 01:45 PM

Downtown lunch for $50 (or less) per head

Using $50 pp (all inclusive) as the benchmark, where among the many downtown options would you choose to have a company lunch for 8 people?

My firm pays for a group lunch once a month, and I am looking for a new option. In the past few months, we've hit up: Kendall's, Daily Grill, Pete's, R-23, La Golandrina, Blue Velvet, Casey's, J Restaurant, and the Liberty Grill.

One stip: Must serve alcohol or allow patrons to bring their own.

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  1. I'm pretty sure you could do Roy's for lunch at 50/pp.

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      Without a doubt. I think the lunchtime prix fixe is around $25. There's also something called the local boy bento box, around the same price, that includes a sampling of several yummy items. Throw in a cocktail or glass of wine and you're still under $50/person, tax & tip included.

    2. Patina offers a businessman's 3 course lunch for $25.00.

      1. You could eat at most of the decent restaurants downtown at that price point (probably not Water Grill or PDC, and you would be limited to the businessman's lunch at Patina); this would include, in addition to the ones you and ipsedixit already mentioned, Arnie Morton's (if you stick to the lunch items), Cafe Pinot, Ciudad, Engine Company No. 28, Nick & Stef's, Pacific Grill, the Palm (again, sticking to the lunch items) and Zucca.

        1. Your firm encourages liquid lunches? Nice. Check out these websites for ideas on eateries, then search for reviews.