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Mar 26, 2002 05:03 PM

REVIEW: Tortas de Mexico

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Tortas de Mexico
Vineland and Ventura, Studio City
Foothill and Pennsylvania (?), La Crescenta
There may be others.

DECOR: Slim to none. There isn't really any, it's small booths and tables, with a counter and a soda fountain.

SERVICE: Friendly. They'll call your number and if you raise your hand or otherwise indicate your presence, they'll bring you your food. The cashier in the one in La Crescenta is everybody's abuelita.

FOOD: I've only ever had tortas from this place, so I can't report on the burritos, sopes, tacos, &c. A torta, for those who don't know, is a Mexican sandwich. The ones at TdM come with beans, sour cream, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, onions (I think), and a salsa bar which also has marinated carrots and some fresh radishes.

I love their carne asada torta. It's faboo. My boss is addicted to their milanesa torta. Another coworker swears by the torta cubana (ham and pork, but not pressed). It's flavourful, it isn't disgustingly unhealthy, and it's authentic - many times we're the only non-Hispanics in the La Crescenta one. The Studio City one, being hidden behind a SuperCuts in a minimall, is less crowded.

During the winter, they serve champurrado, a kind of Mexican hot chocolate made from corn. Yum. $1.25.

VALUE: Wonderful. It's a large enough sandwich for lunch for me (and I'm a big guy) if I get some chips. Sandwiches are either $3.85 or $4.35.

VERDICT: Try it, you'll like it. It's not the only torta place in town but it's worth it, especially if you want them to go.

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  1. You have moved to my old stomping grounds - I'm curious to see your takes on some of the other local places (Oyster House on Moorpark just east of Whitsett); Henry's Tacos (near Studio BBQ); Joe Peeps (Magnolia just east of Coldwater); Bronco (Fulton and Moorpark). Nothing too spectacular, but enough to keep you going for a while

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    1. re: soccerdad

      HENRY'S RULES. Combo, extra cheese with sauce.

      I liked the place that Tortas was previously... Remember the cute little Tea/Soup place in the same mall? They had the best Zucchini bread.

      Ever go to Vivian's? Aroma? The Thai place on Riverside between Lankershim and Cahuenga? What do you think?

      We must live next door to each other...

      1. re: johanna

        My kid went to Oakwood School just down the street, so that's how I knew about those places. Aroma is good - hey, did Robert and Bonnie Lee ever go there?

        1. re: soccerdad

          Bobby used to go to Jennifer's Coffee...or Holly's Donuts. Never did I see Bonnie....anywhere!

          1. re: johanna

            And I guess you never will. B/t/w, I could never understand the "appeal" of Vitello's.

            1. re: soccerdad

              WHAT? I love that place.

              1. re: johanna

                Damn - I guess it just wasn't meant to be! I look a good red sauce Italian place from time to time - just not that one. Oh well.......

                1. re: soccerdad

                  You should try Joe's Italian Kitchen on Ventura between the two ends of Arch (west of Vineland, east of Tujunga)... absolutely no decor but it's real red sauce Italian.

                  1. re: PRSMDave

                    I have indeed gone to Joe's - liked it quite a bit.

    2. I like the tortas at Grand Central Market better

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      1. re: jim

        A friend of mine had brain surgery done at a booth in the Grand Central Market. Hers was fine, but my "doctor" didn't speak English and now I can never play the pino again.

      2. I like the tortas at Grand Central Market better