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Mar 10, 2008 01:37 PM

Any place compare to Alta -- Mediterranean tapas?

We had a great meal at Alta this weekend and were looking for any similar places. We don't want the typical, authentic Spanish tapa, but something more creative with more fusion style flavors like the tapas served at Alta..thanks

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  1. I wouldn't describe the tapas as Mediterranean, but my guess is that you'd like Stanton Social: http://www.thestantonsocial.com/menu/...

    1. There are quite a few places that do great modern takes on small plates like Stanton Social, Park Blue, Death & Co. and Degustation. But if you wanted something specifically Mediterranean-influenced without being Spanish, I think you'd be limited to savorNY or mezze at a Middle-Eastern place like Salam.

      1. pipa might be a good option.

        1. Kefi over on 79th near Broadway has several "small plates" as appetizers. We have some pretty good Med small plates there, though the service can be spotty.


          A few thoughts are included here from our last visit to Kefi.

          1. Check out Boqueria. They have excellent spanish tapas and amazing beer sangria.

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              thanks sounds like stanton fits the bill best as far as non-Spanish small plates..I'll report back