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Specialty McDonalds???[moved from General Chowhounding board]

I lived in Australia for some time and would occasionally get the “McAussie” burger. It was a quarter pounder topped with beets and a fried egg. I was reading the thread about food that people had never tried and someone mentioned they had Big Mac with Kimchi on it in Korea.

What American fast-food joint (ie BK, McD, ect..) have you tried overseas that came with an interesting twist?

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  1. Growing up in Hawaii, we could always get saimin at McDonalds. Also, while you can't get mac&cheese at the franchised KFCs there, you can get a scoop of white rice topped with chili.

    1. Not overseas, but in the Chicago area they used to serve hot dogs, pizza, and fajitas!

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        And on Cape Cod, you can find lobster roll.s

      2. I had a lamb burger at (I think) Burger King in Wales. They also had a chicken tikka sandwich which looked good!

        1. McDonalds in Japan have a sandwich called the "Ebi Filet-O", it's basically a Filet O Fish made out of shrimp that have been pressed together and fried. Totally awesome, incredibly addictive.

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            I had a friend who lived in Japan for a year and she was addicted to the fish nuggets.

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              Loved the fish nuggets in Japan! And the shrimp brugers. In England, Mac D's has veggie burgers (they used to have a specialty veggie burger too), bacon rolls, 99 'flake' cones and 'porridge'. They used to serve hot dogs too. France has the McD's version of a 'Croque Monsieur', and 'fancy' coffees like cappuccinos and lattes.

          2. The teriyaki burger served at Japanese McD was pretty tasty.

            1. In Germany McDs always has some sort of special stuff going on. Every time the soccer World or European Cup is going on, all kinds of riffs on burgers are offered, with cutesy names like "The Zeus" (with a pork patty, garlic sauce, and feta), or "The Viking" -- depending on which countries are participating. I've never had any of their specialty burgers, but I doubt I'm missing out on something there '-)

              1. The spouse ordered a McKebab in Israel, mostly for the novelty of the packaging I think. Let's just not even go into why we were even in a McD's in Israel in the first place. I think his verdict on it was "eh" which was a step up from the "bleh" that the the burgers elicited. There's a reason you don't order beef in Israel.

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                  My old roommate spoke fondly of the McSchwarma in Israel, which also had some funny Pulp Fiction-inspired commercials a few years back.

                2. I saw pictures of a cajun/creole specialty McD's in New Orleans...anyone been there?

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                    if there is a specialty then it must have been very recent, it wasn't there when i lived there or when i visited a little over a year ago.

                  2. McDonalds in Taiwan has two sandwiches on its menu with rice patties instead of the bun. I tried the "Korean-style Bibimbap Burger" and thought it was really gross (the sauce had a very chemical taste to it, and the rice patty was gluey instead of crisp like the name would suggest). I've never seen anyone else order either one.

                    KFC in Taiwan currently has fries that you dip in a cheese sauce and then into a mix of puffed rice and seaweed. I haven't actually tried this one, though it seems like a pretty interesting idea.

                    KFC in China had (and may still have) a Beijing-duck "Twister", which consists of a fried chicken strip, hoisin sauce, and cucumber wrapped in a tortilla. It's ok, but I prefered the Mexican-style one.

                    I can't remember any unique menu items in Chinese McDonalds besides a spicy chicken sandwich that is actually quite spicy.

                    In general, comparing KFC and McDonalds in China, KFC seems to take more chances with tailoring its menu to local tastes than McDonalds.

                    1. Here in CA. we have a McDonalds on Del Mar Hieghts Road that has upscale deli style sandwiches, salads, and coffee drinks. I havent tried anything there but read the menu with interest.

                      1. I dunno about specialties... but the shamrock shake is back til' patty's day and the mc rib is making a comeback after that.... never had a mc rib before. I heard it has a cult-like following though..

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                          In Japan, I enjoyed something I thought was called a Ginger-Sauce Burger at McDonalds, but a recent search turned up nothing with that name, so maybe my memory has let me down.

                          McDonalds also was featuring a GreenTea milkshake that was good, but also a green seasoning packet to be put on the fries. This confused me a little, as I am still not sure if the seasoning packet was green-tea based or not.

                          Also tried KFC there, and all that stood out for me was the ridiculously small drink that accompied the 'set' meal. Try ordering a la carte in a Japanese fast-food joint, a true challenge.