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Mar 10, 2008 01:30 PM

Specialty McDonalds???[moved from General Chowhounding board]

I lived in Australia for some time and would occasionally get the “McAussie” burger. It was a quarter pounder topped with beets and a fried egg. I was reading the thread about food that people had never tried and someone mentioned they had Big Mac with Kimchi on it in Korea.

What American fast-food joint (ie BK, McD, ect..) have you tried overseas that came with an interesting twist?

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  1. Growing up in Hawaii, we could always get saimin at McDonalds. Also, while you can't get mac&cheese at the franchised KFCs there, you can get a scoop of white rice topped with chili.

    1. Not overseas, but in the Chicago area they used to serve hot dogs, pizza, and fajitas!

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        And on Cape Cod, you can find lobster roll.s

      2. I had a lamb burger at (I think) Burger King in Wales. They also had a chicken tikka sandwich which looked good!

        1. McDonalds in Japan have a sandwich called the "Ebi Filet-O", it's basically a Filet O Fish made out of shrimp that have been pressed together and fried. Totally awesome, incredibly addictive.

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            I had a friend who lived in Japan for a year and she was addicted to the fish nuggets.

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              Loved the fish nuggets in Japan! And the shrimp brugers. In England, Mac D's has veggie burgers (they used to have a specialty veggie burger too), bacon rolls, 99 'flake' cones and 'porridge'. They used to serve hot dogs too. France has the McD's version of a 'Croque Monsieur', and 'fancy' coffees like cappuccinos and lattes.

          2. The teriyaki burger served at Japanese McD was pretty tasty.