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Mar 10, 2008 01:20 PM

Planning a Chinese Italian Wedding


I'm planning a Chinese Italian wedding next year and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions on what type of food we should have during the dinner?

Of course traditional Chinese and Italian food.

Any suggestions where/who can provide/serve Chinese & Italian food?

All the tips and suggestions would be great!!


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  1. If you draw a line between Rome and Beijing, the middle point falls on Uzbekistan.

    I suggest you look for an Uzbekistani caterer.

    1. tough to get both at the same time. Were you looking for either/or choices at the meal? Because it might be tough to combine these cuisines well.

      Have you considered a chinese banquet with a ginormous italian sweet table and snack table (cold cuts, pizza, etc.) afterwards? I think that would work great, and you might have better luck getting high quality food from both cuisines.

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      1. re: moh

        Tough ...yeah I tell me about it!!

        I would love to only serve Chinese food ... but with both families having older generation people ... gotta have some sort of Chinese & Italian food there.

        Not sure how I'll set this up ...

        Thinking of having half chinese half italian food during the cocktail and maybe during dinner having the normal plates at a Italian Hall in St Leonard?
        With the meat dish, probably have chinese veggies and rice along with the meat so both parties will be happy. (as much as possible lol)

        That's the best I can really do!!

        Any other suggestions?

        1. re: hly

          Chinese Banquet + Italian Dessert or vice versa?

          1. re: hly

            Okay here's a serious suggestion: A Silk Road tasting menu.

            You could start at one end and make your way to the other through 8, 10 or 12 dishes.

            1. re: hly

              Recently planned a party at an Italian hall in St. Leonard. They do a pretty decent job for the cost! The food is very good for the size of the parties, they seemed to have got it down to an art. At this party, they did serve some sushi and some eggrolls as an appetizer, but I must say it wasn't their strong suit (read: they were terrible). Needless to say, the Italian fare was much better. I'm not sure how flexible the Italian halls are about the type of cuisine, but I'm not sure I'd trust them to pull off Chinese in a way that would be acceptable to the Chinese half of the family.

              Having been to many mixed marriage weddings, I find that compromise by mixing the two cuisines often doesn't work. You will have to decide what is the priority for you and your partner, and also who your pickier audience will be. Fortunately, Italian and Chinese are two fairly popular cuisines, and most people will have been exposed to both cuisines (a Korean/Swedish combo would be more difficult, for example).

              How much of a priority is the quality of the food? If it is high priority, then I hate to say, you'll have to choose one or the other, it's your best bet to get quality. The most successful wedding feasts I have attended in mixed marriages were those that stuck to one cuisine. You'll need to survey the older generations of each family and see who might be able to give in a bit. You might be surprised at how receptive some of your relatives might be to the idea of a Chinese banquet or an Italian feast. Or consider my other suggestion of Chinese banquet followed by Italian dessert/snack table. I'm not sure how successful it would be the other way around, as Chinese desserts can be less appealing to the Western palate, more of an acquired taste. Of course it might be hard to find a space that will accommodate the two together. Perhaps one of the fancier Chinese hotels downtown that have a bit of an upscale market and may be used to people with Western tastes? They may have had experience with mixed weddings and may be able to offer both choices at a reasonable quality?

              Good luck, and congratulations!

          2. What about alternating courses? i.e. Chinese soup - Italian appetizer or antipasti - Chinese main dishes - Italian desserts

            Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be delicious! And it reminded me of a Jewish-Japanese wedding reception I went to where one side of the family took care of the party sandwiches and mini knishes and the other half brought the sushi! Everyone left very happy indeed. :-)

            And in terms of who can provide the food - you may want to look into renting a hall and bringing in two caterers.... or finding a really well-rounded hotel caterer! Not sure how you'd do this in a restaurant, unless perhaps you just limit the Italian part to brought-in desserts, but I think you nixed that earlier...

            1. Wasn't there a wave of Italian-Asian fusion cuisine a few years ago? I'm sure there must still be restaurants in Montreal that do that type of cuisine and can plan a harmonious menu with tastes that will appeal to both groups.

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              1. re: Venusia

                re: Italian-Asian fusion:

                My personal experience with older generation Korean relatives is that fusion isn't going to cut it. You'll just confuse and frustrate both groups. It will be wrong for both.

                I like Kpzoo's suggestion of a hall with two caterers. I agree this would be the easiest way to deal with serving both cuisines at once.

                Is this a large wedding? It sounds like it, but just to be sure...

                1. re: Venusia

                  Yes, there was such a wave, and it wasn't a good thing. I'm sure there are some who do fusion well, but by in large you end up getting the worst of both worlds.

                  The only good fusion dish that comes to mind is risotto with asian mushrooms.

                  What about having only a buffet so that people can pick and choose. You could offer Dim-sum type things for the Chinese food and an assortment of cold cuts / antipasti etc. for the Italian food.

                  Or you could go the simple meats route, roast Chinese duck or Osso bucco?

                  1. re: Moosemeat

                    We'll be about 250 - 300 ppl so I guess mixing the chinese and italian food together will be tough ...

                    Thought about having it catered .. but don't know any here ... anyone know any good caterers?

                    Really think I should stick to one traditional food?

                    Both families will be expecting thier own cultured food there!!


                    Buffet, did consider that, but everyone tells me not to cause everyone rather be served than getting up and getting their own meals when you're giving $$$ lol

                    Anything else?

                    1. re: hly

                      For Chinese wedding caterers in MOntreal, see this thread:


                      Anyone have suggestions for Italian caterers?

                      1. re: hly

                        Not just food but serving style is different. Italian is course by course, Chinese is 8 dishes on the table. Why don't you just go for a neutral menu at an Italian hall? My cousin had his wedding at a banquet hall in St-Leonard, and he invited all 400 people from the Chinese church in Hampstead. Young, old, you name it, they were all Chinese, and we had insalata caprese, salmon or veal, other stuff and an Italian sweet table. They ate it all; everyone was completely stuffed and there were huge amounts of leftovers from the sweet and savory table. The savory was unnecessary in my opinion. To be fair, they set that table up immediately following dessert; who eats a big Italian dinner and then goes and gets a roast pork sandwich and a pizza? The fruit was the most popular item on that table.

                  2. Thank you everyone for the suggestions and info.
                    Decided to book a reception in St Leonard and get caterering from Kam Fung!!

                    Thanks again!!

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                    1. re: hly

                      Oh this sounds great! I didn't know the halls in St. Leonard would let you bring in an outside caterer. How perfect! Everyone will be happy... Have a great wedding!

                      1. re: hly

                        If you have second thoughts on the food, throw in Italian Wedding soup (minestra maritata). It may be a misnomer and not an Italian wedding tradition, but meatballs and dark greens are universal.
                        Or you can go heavy on Italian style sweets, tiramisu, cannoli (grean tea filling?), and biscotti for people not used to sweet, creamy desserts.
                        Enjoy it!