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Mar 10, 2008 12:28 PM

Corned Beef in DFW

I'm looking to cook some corned beef soon. I can only find Corn beef briskits in the local grocery's. I'm searching for a corned round roast. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. Fishfry,

    I have never seen a corned beef round roast. I would call to either Olad Town Meat Market in Lewisville, Hirsch's Meat Market in Plano, or Rudolph's in Deep Ellum. Any of those might know. I would imagine they do not have these but will give you information on how to do it yourself (which I have recently looked into) to get me to pastrami. What reason do you have for not going with brisket, I am just curious? If it is because fat you can trim it up before you boil it and I usually finish mine in the oven for about 30 minutes after about 2 1/2 hours of boiling. I just cooked one this weekend.



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      any recommendation on where to get a good reuben north of dallas? had a mediocre one this weekend at oak lawn (hot springs), want to fix my food-brain.

      1. re: luniz

        Are you looking for one at a restaurant or the ingredients? I know it might be a stupid question but I prefer making my own. I like more meat than they give you at say Deli News or Ed's Deli. Deli News and Jason's Deli (devoid of flavor) gives you a lot of meat but the sandwich itself is about the size of your palm...not very big and filling. I would suggest getting some of the corned beef, emmanthaler cheese, and rye (Jewish or Russian, not sure of your caraway seed and bread color preference) or marble rye/pumpernickle and a good grainy mustard. The sauerkraut will all taste the same unless you know someone making it the "old fashioned" way. Most places have processed corned beef meaning it all tastes the same. I believe they have some at Central market that might not have any nitrites/nitrates used in the production process (if you are worried about that). I do know that the DaBecca brand pastrami (pastrami=corned beef that is smoked and rolled in peppercorns) does not use any nitrites/nitrates. I usually make my Rueben with mustard instead of russian dressing, just a personal favorite.

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          i was thinking there'd be a good sandwich in town but if there isn't, obviously i'd have to make it. so i suppose i'll have to look around a bit.

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            I've had the ruben at Deli News and it was pretty good but I've never had a "great ruben' so I really don't have a benchmark

            1. re: luniz

              It sure would be great if there was someone who could make a steaming hot pastrami or corned beef sandwich much like Katz's and 2nd Ave Deli in NYC or the fairly new Brad Rubins in Chicago. I believe both of you would like the following blog:


              Also a story about Brad Rubins Eleven City Diner from Hungry Magazine:


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                I would kill for a sandwich anywhere close to what I used to be able to get in the Philly area or NYC. *sigh* I may have to open my own shop.

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                  Oh no. You said Katz'. That place has the MOST wonderful pastrami and corned beef. I had pastrami delivered once. But, it just wasn't the same.