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Mar 10, 2008 11:50 AM

What to do with 20 eggs

Made Easter eggs yesterday w/BB jr. Dyed, colored then blew out the insides Made quiche and clafoutis last night -- so a bit burned out on those fronts. And still have about 20 eggs worth of whites and yokes all mixed together.

Thinking of using about 6 eggs worth to make Nigella Lawson's clementine cake. Would love some other suggestions. Ideally some freezable -- or bringable to the BBs pre-school as a snacks (no nuts).

Also, does anyone know if quiche is freeze-able -- or is that disgusting...

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      1. If you are stumped, I guess it's better to freeze the eggs, then thaw them and put them in something when you're inspired.

        Or, if there is someone you don't particularly like, pour the eggs out in their garden or planter and cover them with something, then wait a few days for things to get interesting.

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        1. re: HSBSteveM

          What do you mean by interesting???

        2. Ile Flottante will use a bunch of those eggs in both the custard and the merengue. So delicious and fairly easy to make. Many recipes online. I like to add a sauce with either brandy or cognac.

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            Sounds good, the catch is this recipe appears to involve separated eggs and the eggs I have got all mushed together in the blowing-egg process... Which also rules out making meringues, macaroons and ice cream unfortunately.

            1. re: bite bite

              They're mixed together? Bummer.

              You could do a big pot of stracciatelle and go slightly heavier on the eggs than normal or maybe a strata.