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Mar 10, 2008 11:29 AM

Il Picolo Forno in Pgh Strip, Now Colangelo's

Il Picolo Forno on 21st St. in the Strip District, next to La Prima Espresso, is now Colangelo's.

For those who haven't been to the strip in a while but were fans of the pizza and pastries, etc. at Il Picolo Forno's Strip location, it had been closed for several months.

As I learned Saturday morning, it has reopened as Colangelo's, and appears to be mostly unchanged. There were still thick slices of pizza on the counter, still delicious pastries in the glass case(we had some great canoli's Sat. night), and still an open walkway between it and La Prima.

I talked, briefly, to the wife of the husband-wife ownership team, and learned that the husband (sorry I don't have names) used to do the baking for the Il Picolo Forno Lawrenceville restaurant and the Strip location for approximately 6 years, but had stopped for a period. When they learned that Carla Branduzzi had closed the Strip location down because it was proving difficult to keep it up and running along with the Lawrenceville restaurant, they contacted her, I believe, and have now taken it over. Sorry for the sketchy details. Was more focused on shuffling pizza slices to kids, etc.

They had some delicious sounding lunch specials for every day of the week. I plan on making a weekday trip some time soon to try one out. Anybody else done so?

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  1. A quick addendum. As I'm sure many here know, the Lawrenceville restaurant, Piccolo Forno, is owned by the Branduzzi's son. So referring to one as a "location" in the Strip and the other as a "location" in Lawrenceville is not correct. I've yet to make it Piccolo Forno in the 2 years I've been back in the 'Burgh, but hope to take the family there soon.

    1. I visit the Strip several times a week and often stop there for a sclice of pizza and/or a sfogliatelle. During the week she sells round thin pizza by the slice for $1.25 and on the Saturday (never been there on Sunday) she sells thicker square pizza for $2 a cut, both make a great breakfast. She also has a pastry that I can't recall the name of, but they come in a few different flavors, almond being my favorite. They're sort of like a turn over with a U type shape, they're $1.80, you'll know what I'm talking about when you see them. They've been open for several months now and it's good to have them there!

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      1. re: Rick

        I know exactly what you speak of and they are delicious. I'd like to try to thinner during-the-week slice.

        1. re: Whigsboy

          Just came to me, they're called a Mele!

      2. Are they open into the evening during the week? Just wondering, looking for new possibilities during the week. We come through the strip every weekday at about 5:45pm. We haven't been looking for what is open (usually just going by on Smallman), but if things are open that could be of interest.

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        1. re: CrazyOne

          The business card I picked up does not list hours. Just an address and phone number: 207 21st St. / 412-281-7080

          1. re: Whigsboy

            Happened to be in the area on Sunday and walked up to it. Closes at 3pm. Ah, well. (Not open Sunday at all just to be clear.)

        2. I long for the Strip. I miss PGH so much. Wish I could convince hubby to move there.

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          1. re: CheesemongersWife

            I used to visit the strip 3 or 4 times a week, during the weekdays to avoid the crowds. We recently moved almost an hour from the Strip and now go there most Saturdays and I try to get there once during the week too. I do miss it, but my waistline has been helped by it! Where do you live now?

            1. re: Rick

              St. Louis. I lived just over the river in the Mexican War Streets by AGH. I was a nurse there for 3 years. I really really miss the strip. We have an separate farmer's market area and an Italian neighborhood, club district, antique rows...but nothing that feels like the strip. it had everything.