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Pizza Dough, where to buy it around Stamford?

and then the easiest recipes?

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  1. A lot of pizzeria's sell their dough for a couple bucks. You just have to call. Otherwise, the Shop Rite by exit 6 sells it, as does TJ's & Stews. Make sure you buy some corn meal as well.

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      Thanks, do i need to buy a pizza stone?

      1. re: nbermas

        I have a cheapy one from BB&B. I find it more irritating than anything - esp cleaning it because you can't use soap. If you have a big sheet pan, you should be fine. BUT, the stone will probably give you a superior pizza than that of a pan.

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          A pizza syone will definitely give you a superior crust since it draws the moisture out of the dough while you bake it and makes it crispier. That is why you cannot clean with soap since the stone is so porous.

          If you need to buy one, Cook's Nook, the store across the street from Sports Authority on Route 1 in Norwalk (465 Connecticut Ave.) has several, plus they are THE BEST place to buy anything for the kitchen.

          Every STM area hound should take a road trip there. You will be unbelieveably pleasantly surprised by what is behind those doors and the owners are fantastic.

    2. Pardon the interruption, but for recipes and the need for a pizza stone, please post on the Home Cooking board.


      1. I buy some pretty frequently from Michelina's in Stamford (19 Cedar Heights, off of High Ridge Road. I think it's a couple of bucks, if I remember correctly.

        But as Amanda said, I think you'll find most pizzerias sell it.

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          adamclyde, I find that interesting. I've never thought that pizzerias would sell their dough and have never asked them if they did.

          I usually buy my dough at D'Agostino's in Rye Ridge or Cosmo and Alex in Mamaroneck, both of which aren't close enough for the OP.

          As to a pizza stone, no need.

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            jfood buys his dough from a pizzeria as well since the dough sold in the grocers is normally frozen and thawed and could be a tad old while those in the pizzeria are probably an overnight success.

            If you are a good customer of the pizzeria and know the guys, they will gladly sell it to you. Always make nice with your local pizzeria.

          2. By the way, nbermas, since I perfected my completely lazy way of making pizza dough, I haven't had cause to buy ready made of late. If you go over to Home Cooking, I can tell you more or you can look for the thread.

            Trust me, it's verrrry easy.

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              I, too, shamelessly purchase dough from the pizzeria. I have asked at many different places and none of them have ever refused. The going rate seems to be $2 per pound. I usually buy five pounds and freeze them for use later. They freeze and thaw well.

            2. You might try Papa Joe's in Darien, right on the Post Road just past the Y and Hindley school. I'm not a fan of their pizzas (something about using sliced mozzarella that looks like white American cheese offends me), but unlike many pizzerias, they make their own dough, and bake their own bread, too, rahter than buying it from someplace else. It seems to handle better than any other dough I've purchased elsewhere, stretching easily, not snapping back, etc.

              One word of caution...their used to be a guy behind the counter there who was very pleasant, and happy to sell the dough. He's left to open his own place (they won't tell me where, and he left without providing info). The new guy behind the counter is a bit of a crank, and seems to feel you are imposing when you ask to buy dough, so he may not be willing to sell to you...he'll sell to me in part because I've been a regular, and he's sort of given up on giving me the ol stink-eye.

              In my mind, I don't know why anyone would object to selling the dough. I'm not asking for it for free, or even haggling over the price (they charge me $3 per for a medium); the way I see it, the cost of goods for the dough is minimal, and $3 probably about what they make on a pizza (they sell their bread, baked, for less than $3, which I assume has a similar cost for raw materials, plus the baker and baking cost). I'm not taking profit away...in fact, given the labor and other costs (sauce, cheese, baking/handling), they probably come out ahead from a profit standpoint. If I am, ask me for more per dough to cover your profit, but don't give me a hard time

              Anyway, sorry for the rant...try their dough, if you can get them to part with it..

              1. Any local pizzeria will sell you their dough. We do it all the time.

                1. Hi, try dimare pastry shop - they are a bakery and they sell pizza dough


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                    How is the bakery for cakes, what do you like there? thanks for the tip.

                    1. re: nbermas

                      Just wanted to say Dimare is wonderful. They did my wedding cake last year and it was fantastic.

                      1. re: gkb1722

                        have you tried their red velvet cake?? its to DIE FOR - $20 and feeds 12-15 people- i had a small family gathering where usually my family FORCES us all to take the cake- with this cake, i had none left for me! its THAT good

                        1. re: missmar79

                          Is everthing made with the best ingridents? What about anything chocolate. I remember going in years ago and it wasn't very good. Mostly Italian type desserts.

                          1. re: nbermas

                            jfood likes there cakes a lot. And there chocolate cakes are very good. They used to make filled cupcakes and if they still do buy a couple for a walk down memory lane.

                            1. re: jfood

                              jfood: How do the chocolate things compare say to all the other great bakeries people discuss on chowhounds here in and around Stamford to Norwalk?

                              1. re: nbermas

                                Chocopology is the top (a 10) , then Sono Bake shoppe (a strong 9). DiMare is good but it is not fair to compare to these other two places.

                                BTW - jfood has not been to Margot yet for comparison.

                                1. re: jfood

                                  jfood; thanks again but do you like chocolate or vanilla better?

                                  1. re: nbermas

                                    last night jfood had a chocolate cake from chocopology. unbelieveable.

                                    but which one jfood likes better? kinda a push. They are good middle-america cakes, nothing outstanding, just good middle america cakes.

                                    1. re: jfood

                                      Had you been to chocopolgies ever before? i have had there little pastries with chocolate but not any of there cakes. is it better than sono bakery. I love decadent dense anything chocolate. Thanks

                                      1. re: nbermas

                                        jfood bought a sampler of desserts for V-Day. Outstanding. He is limited to what he can buy though because of a nut allergy. :-((

                                        1. re: jfood

                                          jfood; Thanks, I can always count on you for great tips. Did you eat anywhere special with the Mrs. this weekend?

                                          1. re: nbermas

                                            jfood and a bunch of friends went to SONO and ate themselves silly at Barcelona. Jfood loves that place and with a group they ordered waaaay too much.