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Mar 10, 2008 11:12 AM

Sebastian's Schnitzel Haus - Wrightstown NJ

We stopped here for dinner one day last week (43 Fort Dix St, Wrightstown, NJ 609-724-9609). This BYOB is located in a converted fast food restaurant right outside Fort Dix on Route 545. And the room has really been converted: if you like kitsch you will love this restaurant. There are hundreds of plates, mugs, dolls, photos, and artwork everywhere you look, and German singing for you in the restrooms. Dinners came with either a good cream of brocoli soup, not too creamy, or a "German salad" which consisted of marinated carrots, cole slaw, pickled beets, lettuce and one or two other cold veggies. My wife had a herring and potato special (about $14): herring in sour cream with apples and onions and excellent boiled potatoes. I like my potatoes, but these were unusually good. I tried the Wurst Platter (about $17): 4 kinds of sausage, all tasty (knockwurst, bratwurst, bockwurst and ?), excellent mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut. It was all good German food. Just be prepared for kitsch overload. In the Trenton area the only other German I know is Black Forest in Allentown and I liked the food at Sebastian's better.

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  1. Black Forest Allentown NJ is Out of Business, this may be old news but saw it today when I was driving home.

    1. Why can't we get something like this in Northern NJ?????

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        Went here Sunday for the 1st time with my wife & 2 of our friends. We were very pleased with the atmosphere and the food. There are not too many German restaurants in NJ.
        We found it on the internet and will definitely be coming back.
        The Sauerbraten was excellant and our waiter was very accommodating. He treated us to 2 orders of apple Streudel that was extra good.
        It is a bit out of the way, near Fort Dix but the directions on the net were right on the mark.
        They told us they have been in business for 14 yrs. Can't wait to go back. The waiter told us theSunday brunch is a favorite.i

        Sebastian's Schnitzelhaus
        43 Fort Dix St, Wrightstown, NJ 08562

      2. Funny to see this on here as Wrightstown is not exactly somewhere most people would like to visit! But being stationed at McGuire, we frequent Sebastian's quite often for lunch, and they always have good lunch specials as well. I cannot say that I am well versed on German food, but I have yet to be disappointed there. Friends who were stationed in Germany said that the food is every bit as good as the food in Germany, but who really knows for sure. Might have to stop in towards the end of the week since it's been a while. -mJ

        1. Check out the German-American club in Yardville,not a restuarant but they serve dinner most Sundays and have some events during the year.

          1. TOOO MUCH KITSCH for me! I went several times 8 or 9 years ago. It is just too much schlock.

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              Those dolls are are scary, aren't they? They are everywhere and quite creepy, IMO!!!

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                LOL! So funny, yet so true! That is hilarious! Creepy indeed!