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Mar 10, 2008 11:05 AM

Orlando biz dinner near Gaylord Palms?

Looking for a high-end restaurant for a business dinner, ideally with a small private or semi-private room suitable for 8-12 people. Would prefer something within a short drive of the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Well this is weird to reply to one of the Boston experts on the Florida board (I'm just checking out options for next weekend), but I've had a fair number of business dinners in Orlando. By far the best was Norman's at the Ritz--the menu has probably changed but I had an app of yuca-stuffed shrimp that was great, and so different from anything I've had. It's not right near the Gaylord (which is kind of in the middle of nowhere, as I recall), but probably less than 15 minutes driving. Some colleagues also really liked the fancy restaurant in the Caribe--I'm blanking on the name.

    No matter how starving you are, do yourself a favor and ignore the little cafe in the faux-courtyard at the Gaylord. The room service antipasto platter wasn't bad, though.

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      Norman's is one of our very best. The place you're thinking of is The Venetian Room in the Caribe Royale. The hotel is mid-level but the restaurant is old-fashioned continental, very formal, very good.

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        Primo at the JW Marriott has a private room, or if you don't need all that private you can reserve the Chefs table next to the kitchen...

      2. I would also suggest Bice at the Portofino Bay Hotel. They have a private room and the food is amazing. The food id Italian and I would suggest one of the following wines with dinner, Fontodi Flaccianello(Super Tuscan) or Firriato Ribeca(Sicily). These wines will go with almost anything on the menu.
        Have a great time.

        1. Unfortunately, if you don't want to stay at GP for your dinner, you'll have to travel a few miles. GP is just off of 192, which has NOTHING in the way of's touristy and not great at all. I'd head either towards the Disney area, or to nearby Sand Lake Rd. (Dr. Phillips area) for some great restaurants. There are the high end chains like Ruth Chris and Mortons, but a few others as well, such as Cristini's and Chathams (haven't been, but heard it's wonderful). But as others have rec'd, Ritz and JW both have wonderful restaurants.

          1. I would recomend the Venetian Room in the Caribe Royale.

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