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Mar 26, 2002 01:39 PM

Sushi Lunch Specials

  • j

I've had a number of tasty lunch specials from various Sushi restaurants lately - Sushi Sushi and Tsukasa both excellent. I'm always amazed at how much food one gets for the price, however at the same time the sushi doesn't seem quite as high quality as ordering ala carte at the bar.

Any other places with terrific lunch specials?


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  1. I agree, Jon, that sushi quality does sometimes diminish with the lunch specials. Two exceptions that I've found are: Hirosuke, located on Ventura Blvd. in Encino and Fujiyoshi, at the entrance to Japan Village Plaza on East 2nd Street in Little Tokyo. Hirosuke offers three sushi/sashimi/roll lunch specials, as well as a seafood salad special -- variety of raw fish atop bed of greens (request dressing on side) that includes a cut roll, too -- for about the $10.00 price point. Fujiyoshi, a very simple, unpretentious place serves a Chirashi Don special -- sliced fish on a bowl of rice -- that includes miso soup, pickled veggies, chawanmushi (egg custard soup) for an amazing $9.00. It's a steal. The a la carte sushi, as well, is some of the most reasonably priced in town. Is there better sushi around than Fujiyoshi? Probably so. But at the intercept of price, quality, abundance and authenticity, nothing beats it. Try it on a trip to the Geffen Contemporary or Japanese American National Museum -- both around the corner -- and let me know what you think.