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Mar 10, 2008 11:00 AM

Baltimore Harbor Crab

Many moons ago (i.e. 13 years or so) I went to Baltimore and had the best crab of my life. It was this little boat on the Inner Harbor - there was a boiling crab pot in the front and two or three picnic tables in the back. You got a mallet and a plastic knife. Maybe a bit of corn. Dozen crabs were something like $17. I think he might have sold beer as well.

Does such a place exist any more? Is there anywhere in the Baltimore area to get great crack and eat crab?

We are going to visit my sister in late April ....


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  1. You are looking for great crack?
    Sorry, couldn't help it...
    I have no recollection of a crab boat in the harbor and crabs are alot more then $17 a dozen now, more like $50.

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      I have a feeling this is what was meant: "In Irish slang, "crack" is a versatile term used to characterize stimulating conversation, witty banter, or more generally, a fun time in a social setting. In recent years, it has become common to find the word spelled as "craic" in print, but it is almost always pronounced as "crack." It is seldom used as an adjective, but instead as a noun, often in a possessive construction (e.g. "we had great crack"). "

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          It's also confusing when they ask your permission to light up a fag (smoke).

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            And then it got COMPLETELY out of control ....

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              BTW, do a search on this board for crabs.. Bill's Terrace Inn and Costa's get a lot of love. Neither is close to the Inner Harbor.

    2. In Baltimore it is called ready rock or ready.

      1. Way overdue reply but I'm new here. I went to that boat too in about '91. On the wood brown paper table go the crabs ($17 a dozen rings true) and the pitchers on the side. Really good!!.
        Problem was, according to family owner, the revamped harbor was "New" and the boat was old school. Whack the crabs and overboard with the shells and I'll have another beer, conflicted with the future for the yuppified harbor-front. As recounted to me by an employee at the time ruling levied against the owners that they we're at part financially liable for the yearly channel dredging (dead crabs migrate?) was putting the place in jeopardy. On appeal at the time but those things do go the way of the crabs themselves