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Mar 10, 2008 10:50 AM

Pacific Chinese restaurant near Newmarket Square

It is open for around two weeks. We were thrilled by the free 5-level parking lot and decided to try it without hesitation.

We found parking easily but we anticipate problems if the restaurant gets busy. The restaurant has very high ceiling at the front and large window so it looks grand. I love it because I can't stand dim-sum places Emperor Garden or China Pearl where there is no natural light.

We sat close to the cashier so we saw everyone coming in. It appeared to us that a lot of customers know the hosts there. I am sure that I saw them somewhere before, maybe China Pearl?

We wish that we would love the food but we didn't. We got char siu bao, chicket feet, beef tripe, beef ball, siu mai, leek dumplings..etc. All the food, to us, was lack of flavor even though they looked good. The only thing that I gave a thumb-up was the filling of char siu bao. The consistency, color and flavor are the best I have seen in Boston. Unfortunately, the bread is substandard.

Services are prompt and courteous.

Will I go back? Only if I get up late and still want dim sum without the hassle of finding parking.

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  1. could you be a little more specific as to location.

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      I did not bring the newspaper ad with me when I drove there. I just knew that it was close to the funeral home and the sheriff's department. I have no sense of direction but I remember the map on the ad indicates that it is on Melenea Cass Blvd and Mass. Ave. My husband could not believe that I could go to a restaurant without the exact address. Sometimes I am amazed of myself.

      I will go home and look for the ad. or maybe someone can help on this.

      1. re: sheila

        There is decent dim sum at Chow Chau's on Morrissey Blvd. There is plenty of parking there and in front of National Wholesale Liquidators.

    2. Do try out the restaurant for dinner. Right now they have oysters for $0.99 and scallops in the shell for $0.99. Huge oysters and scallops. They are steamed and you can choose either garlic with vermicelli on top or black bean sauce. We have visited the place 3 times since it's opening and every time it gets more packed than the last visit. The menu is similar to the menus found at other chinatown restaurants, nothing extraordinary but the huge space and the 5 level parking lot makes my decision much easier. This restaurant is HUGE, and their bathrooms are clean right now. I haven't tried their dim sum but dinner portions are huge and lots of people ordering seafood.

      1. Is this place near the hotel with the Ground Round? I can't seem to place it...

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          I noticed it yesterday as I was going to get on 93 off of MA Ave at Melina Cass Blvd. It is on the side street that leads to the South Bay jail near Skipton Kennels. It runs parallel to the street I was on heading to the 93 on/off ramps. It looked a bit strange. An older dark red brick 5-6 story building with a big yellow plastic banner hanging across the front of it on one of the upper floors saying Pacific Chinese.

        2. So no one else shows up to find a closed building, FYI, this place is dead.
          Apparently, they overspent and didn't pay their bills, so they went belly up roughly two weeks ago (early April).
          No clue if they're going to open again, but I suspect not given the unpopular location...